Warm “lie”

“You kid, how can you lie to me?” Hearing this sentence, do you think this is a parent reprimanding a child who lied? In fact, this was an excuse for Ms. Sun from Weinan, Shaanxi to let her mother accompany her to see a doctor, and quietly took her back to her grandmother’s home to visit relatives. When the car drove to her mother’s familiar natal environment, she was both grateful and surprised to blame her daughter. When I saw this video on the Internet, I was really heartwarming and moved. Hundreds of filial piety is the first, and this sentence is really the most appropriate to define children’s filial piety to their parents.

In fact, I have also had such a well-intentioned “lie”. After the Spring Festival that year, my mother kept chanting: “This house has lived for more than ten years. I didn’t have time to renovate when I moved in. Now that the children moved to a new home, we also took the time to renovate.” Two words will be strongly opposed by my dad. Dad belongs to the kind of person who has a short temper and is afraid of troubles. In addition, he suffers from heart disease. If there is any trouble in the family, he can’t bear it. Even if the family is reunited, if we want to place the round table on the square table and move a few chairs, we have to distract him, let alone decorate the house? We can only enlighten mother, but fortunately, mother is just talking about it.

Before school started that spring, an older brother who worked in another place called. Because his father-in-law was hospitalized for surgery, the child needed parents to help him go to school. My husband and I heard that the opportunity came, why not take advantage of this time to renovate my parents’ house? After we sent our parents on the train to the north, we began to contact the decoration company to carry out related matters such as drawing design and decoration budget.

Renovating an old house is much more complicated than renovating a new one. Where can I put the furniture, electrical appliances, clothes, etc. in this full house? After inquiries from various sources, we borrowed the garage of my husband’s colleague and placed all the items in it.

For two full months, we went to work on weekdays, went to the decoration market on rest days, bought decoration materials, went to my parents’ house at night, checked the progress of the decoration, and communicated with the master on the phone. When the renovation project was about to end, I received a call from my brother saying that my parents were going back.

It must be impossible for parents to return home directly. After discussing with my husband, I made up an excuse to stop the water supply in their community, and took my parents to my house.

The next morning, my husband told them about the decoration. Dad sighed and said, “I was puzzled last night. Why can’t I go home without the water? You have arranged dinner and accommodation, so I didn’t ask much if I was afraid that it would hurt you. Alas, we are old. , I have to listen to you.” Mom was beside her with joy from ear to ear.

My parents lived in my house for half a year and moved back to the newly renovated house that winter. My mother stroked the bright stove: “These decorations are all my favorite styles. Now the dishes I cook are more delicious.” Dad went to the bathroom and took a look: “Children, you are really thoughtful and installed solar energy. The water heater not only solves the problem of taking a bath in winter, but also takes into account the problem of rational use of energy. In addition, the previous bathtub was removed. We are older, and this leg can’t be stepped up…” This is our secret The only time when Dad didn’t get angry when he was doing things with his parents. Later, when parents’ friends came to play at home, they saw the fashionable and trendy decoration style, and sincerely praised them for having a good son-in-law and a good daughter.

Children’s filial piety to their parents can be done directly or indirectly. Either way, as long as the parents are happy, happy, and happy. The warm “lie”, which hides the good intentions of children’s filial piety to their parents, is the best interpretation of the Chinese nation’s filial piety first, and it is also a blend of rational handling of family relations in a harmonious society.