Love is an eternal verb

Blind date

Li Mei was dragged by her mother to the Anhui dating service center. As soon as she walked in, her mother’s smile was bitter, and Li Mei looked helpless.

Seeing this, I immediately said to Li Mei: “The little girl is so beautiful!” Li Mei smiled a little after hearing this, “Hello teacher.”

After sitting down, I chatted with the mother and daughter. Li Mei’s mother has been telling her family story and her daughter’s marital status. I learned from my mother that Li Mei had been in love for 5 years. Li Mei is obviously unwilling to hear her mother say this, sometimes she feels lost, and sometimes interrupts her mother and points out the mistakes in her description. So, I am going to chat with Li Mei alone.

When my mother left, Li Mei seemed a lot more at ease, telling me about her experience:

“I met him in college, and the relationship was established in the senior year. After graduation, he was sent out for one year, and we persisted in the one-year long-distance relationship. In the first two years of graduation, we both said that we would pass. I made my own efforts to buy a house. After he came back from his assignment, we rented in a rented house. Although materially poor, we loved each other and were very happy.

In the fourth year of love, my parents urged me to get married. I told him that he was silent for a while and said he wanted to discuss with his parents. I didn’t think much about it. I thought it was a logical thing for us to get married. Unexpectedly, his family did not agree to the marriage and introduced him to a girl with a very family background. What surprised me even more was that he chose to associate with that girl behind my back. When I knew the truth, everything was too late…

He married her and dumped me! I won’t believe in love anymore! Today, I was forced to come by my mother. Teacher, please don’t introduce me to my boyfriend. I will never accept new relationships at all! ”

I know that Li Mei has always wanted to find someone to talk about that deep feeling, and I am a very suitable listener. Li Mei out to be recalled from the mood, I told her: “I sympathize with your experience , from big sister’s point of view, and I agree . But your opinion, love is one of the best of human emotions, Without the experience of love, life may be like a dead well, numb and monotonous, lacking vitality and color.”

That day, we talked for more than 4 hours. Maybe it is because I, as a matchmaker, is more reasonable in analyzing the relationship between marriage and love, and Li Mei is willing to listen to me. Later, she quietly told me that she was willing to try a new relationship with my help.

Li Mei’s mother, who had been waiting outside for a long time, felt relieved when she learned of her daughter’s choice.

Love code

No matter how disappointed you are with the opposite sex, you have no reason to be disappointed in love.

Because harvesting love itself is a kind of hope in life. Love is your own perception, heartbeat, and beautiful experience, and it has nothing to do with the evaluation and results that others have given.

Love is not a noun, but a “verb”. It represents the process of enjoying love and feeling the beauty of life.