It hurts the doctor, it’s better to go to bed earlier

For ten years, I always went to bed after three in the morning. After several years of staying up like this, at the earliest, I didn’t feel that staying up all night would do much harm to health. Those healthy remarks about “staying up late to increase the probability of sudden death” all feel sensational. Anyway, I’m not sleepy, playing games and swiping my phone all make me happy. Being able to stay at home, after a few years, I love colds and have poor immunity, but I don’t feel that these sub-health states have anything to do with staying up late.

When I saw the first white hair in the mirror, I often started to have a low-grade fever, and my gallbladder and stomach had problems, I still felt: “This is just bad luck. Does it have anything to do with my lifestyle?” Overeating, reversing black and white work and rest, completely sick.

One day at half past four in the afternoon, I was clutching my aching chest, and it felt bad. I just ate an extra bite of fish. Then my abdomen began to swell and pain, and my face seemed to hurt green, or it was sallow? I can almost guess how ugly I look. The pain is getting worse, and I can only walk back and forth, unable to sit down. She was sweating cold all over, and the cotton T-shirt was soaked with sweat.

My thinking that I’m still running is very clear: what is the extent of my pain now? Will it be upgraded? What do I need to do right away? I can’t fall down. I have to go downstairs right away and go to the hospital before dark. I am at home alone at night. If the problem is not solved, I can’t handle it. After thinking about it, I found two tablets of atropine and ate it. I read the instructions and read 1 to 2 tablets. I always feel that 2 tablets are more sure to come. As for the side effects, wait until the pain of cramps is stopped. Although the instructions also indicate that atropine has a limited effect on bile pain, it is better than nothing.

I was usually lazy like a snail, so I acted quickly. The results of the examination in the middle of the night a few days ago, the results of the B-ultrasound, chest X-ray, blood test, and urine test were stuffed into my pocket. I brought myself a thermos cup. Water, I’m afraid that the sweat will disappear after a while, and my whole body will freeze. Put on light feathers, yes, now September day, I am wearing a thin down jacket. After a few drops, it will be colder, but I don’t have the energy to change. When I walked to the door, I felt a little dizzy and wanted to vomit, but I didn’t eat anything, what did I vomit? My mind has not stagnated, and I thought: “Fortunately, I am a man. If I were a weak woman, would I faint soon?”

Fortunately, my brave mother came and joined me at the hospital door. After that, I found a doctor friend, opened the “green channel”, and got his sincere help. Just when I went up to the second floor for a B-ultrasound and climbed upstairs with my cat waist down; one foot had just stepped up the steps, and it felt as if a small stone in the guts had fallen to the bottom, and suddenly his face was not green. Then the sweat subsided and I started to feel cold. With some drops, my friends left with peace of mind. I was already trembling as cold as a piece of ice.

To be honest, since I fell ill, I have become more humane, and my comments to others are no longer harsh and unreasonable. Many people say that people who are sick must be strong and strong. What is the point of being strong? People who are so painful to die and live will wait for a bright night. In the face of illness and pain, people have no dignity, but only pretend that they are not crazy. Hurry up and promise: God, when I get better, I must not stay up late, must eat less and more meals, must not stay at home, must go out and exercise more, this is the last time I let myself go, let me get well!

Finally, my gall was no longer painful, and I looked much more normal. I saw the city lights flickering outside the window, and I remembered the sentence: “I went to die to live, and now I feel the splendor of life.” It seems that the stomach hurts the stomach and the gall. Don’t do things that hurt the doctor. It’s better to go to bed earlier and develop a healthy lifestyle. It’s more reliable than anything else.