If you can’t get rid of the pressure, you can make your heart stronger

Zijin, 29 years old, works hard and earnestly worked hard for several years and finally became the backbone of the unit. Faced with the birth of parents in the family, I was under certain pressure and was criticized by the leaders of the unit, which led to emotional loss of control and crying.

Bai Xuan, 56 years old, gentle and beautiful, with husband and son, stable job, career is on the rise. Depressed because of lover’s derailment, after taking the medicine, I still can’t let go, and I often feel sad and cry about it.

Happiness, 47 years old, intellectual, successful career, because her daughter is in adolescence, there are often conflicts, always feel self-blame for neglecting her daughter and devoting herself to work before.

Similar medical records are often encountered in clinical psychological consultation. A little story makes us pay more attention to the life and work status of women.

Research on the mental health of working women shows that 28% of working women are often in a state of depression and depression, 24.4% are often in a state of anxiety and irritability, 42.8% are often in a state of physical and mental fatigue, and 18.5% are often Be nervous or nervous.

Everyone’s life has two parts: the outer world and the inner world. The inner world has two parts, negative and positive. Positive emotions will encourage us to be healthy and uplifting and energetic, while negative emotions will allow us to experience the depth of life. When we bear too much pressure in life or work, and lack of coping methods, it is easy to cause these two parts to be out of balance. If you want to find the balance in your inner world, you can try to slow down the rhythm, pay attention to your own feelings, and take care of yourself. Among them, listening to music is a very good way to regulate emotions and heal the soul.

Before looking for music to take care of yourself, you need to have a private space, this space belongs to you only. You can prepare paper and cages to do some simple recordings, and it is best to have equipment for playing music. If not, you can also use your mobile phone to play music.

The first step is self-awareness. In your own space, find a comfortable position to sit, spend some time, close your eyes, temporarily shut off external influences, slow down and take a few deep breaths, as you breathe more to feel the state of the body, walk in slowly Inwardly, to feel and record the most real feelings in the heart and body feelings at this moment.

The second step is self-acceptance. Take some time to accept your current state. No matter what your feelings are, it may be some negative emotions, such as tension, anxiety, loneliness, sadness, etc., or peace, peace of mind or joy. Don’t try to transfer or avoid it. Slowly get along with “him”.

The third step is self-empathy. Empathize with your current state, feel what kind of care you need now, and make a choice: continue to maintain your current emotional state, improve your current emotional state, or release your current emotional state? In short, the goal is to better adjust one’s current state, so that one’s emotional state and physical state are accompanied and taken care of.

The fourth step is to choose music. Look for music that can help you in your music library. In this process, the music you choose may not be your favorite or the one you listen to most often. Instead, listen to music with an open and curious attitude, and choose the music that can accompany and take care of your emotional state at the moment.

The fifth step is to listen to music. Play the music of your choice, open your ears and heart, listen to the music seriously and deeply, and fully feel the influence of music on you in the rhythm, melody, timbre, speed, strength and other elements of the music.

After the music is over, feel your emotional state and physical state again at the moment and record it to see if it has improved? If it improves, you can practice persistently, listen to music every day, adjust your emotions, and inject energy into your heart. If it has not been improved, you can repeat the above five steps more slowly.

This method is suitable for female friends who like to listen to music and have the ability to take care of themselves. If you are not interested in music self-care, you can also adjust your emotions through exercise, yoga, travel, etc., if necessary, go to a professional institution for medical treatment, and supplement other psychological treatment methods on the basis of medication.