Paris Newsstand provides housekeeping services

  The 157-year-old newsstand is a beautiful cultural business card on the streets of Paris, France. It not only sells various magazines, newspapers, and tourist brochures, but is also a meeting place for residents of nearby communities. In recent years, newsstands have also expanded their services to the field of housekeeping.
  Since April 2015, Lulu Company has started a housekeeping pilot in the newsstand in the 4th arrondissement of Paris to provide residents in this area with services such as moving and assembling furniture. As this pilot was well received, newsstands in other regions also participated. In order to ensure that enough residents are served, the company tries its best to cooperate with newsstands that are relatively densely populated and close to bus stations. At present, there are 9 such newsstands in Paris, covering most of the core areas of Paris. The housekeeping newsstand is open every Tuesday to Saturday, from 10.30am to 6:30pm. Residents who need housekeeping services can go to the housekeeping newsstand near the community to make an appointment by themselves, or through mobile software, website, phone, email, etc. reservation.
  The services provided by the housekeeping newsstand are detailed and comprehensive, involving all aspects of residents’ lives. They are mainly divided into three categories: 1. Daily maintenance services, such as house cleaning, moving, furniture assembly, water and electricity maintenance, mobile phone computer maintenance, garden lawn repair, etc.; 2. .Housekeeping education services, such as babysitters, school-age children picking up and going to school, home cooking, one-on-one sewing courses, etc.; 3. Housekeeping services, such as sending and receiving parcels and letters on behalf of the owner, keeping keys, walking the dog, watering flowers Wait.
  The above services are provided by personnel with relevant labor skills. Before providing services, they need to register at a housekeeping newsstand near the community, and after several rounds of interviews and vocational technical training, they can provide services to residents after passing the assessment. Services are charged on a per hour basis, ranging from 10 to 40 Euros per hour (1 Euro is about RMB 7.9) per hour, such as house cleaning 20 Euros/hour, moving house 40 Euros/hour, furniture installation or home appliance repairs 30 Euros/hour. Most services can enjoy tax reductions, and the tax reduction amount is 50% of the final payment. From February 1, 2017, for accidents that occur during the housekeeping service, the insurance company cooperating with the housekeeping newsstand will bear the insurance compensation liability to protect the rights of both service personnel and users.
  In 2015, when the housekeeping newsstand was just emerging, there were only 10 appointments per day. After recent years of promotion and high-quality services, it has grown to 200 per day. On average, 80 to 100 residents come to consult or make appointments every day. , Serving nearly 30,000 users in total, and more than 50,000 reservation orders. In addition, many self-employed workers with labor skills have obtained additional income through domestic newsstands and found formal jobs.