Listen to Paganini

  Whenever the broad-melody violin sounded, I was immersed in the melody while sitting at home. As the notes became more ups and downs, more turbulent and gorgeous, I became more intoxicated.
  In a daze, a stave stretched from before my eyes to the front, and a note surrounded me before drifting away. They are intertwined, outline, and lead me to a wonderful world. A line, a note, a little bit of picture gradually clear, that is Hamburg in 1830.
  The dim light focused on the dedicated performer on the stage, and everyone’s eyes were cast on him. He is a weird person, his hair is black and curly, draped randomly on his shoulders, and that dark coat is embedded with a few copper buttons, which is the only shining point on his body. He held the violin in one hand with his hands almost to his knees, and pulled the bow skillfully with the other. At this time, a string of melody came from between his hands, surrounded him, and reached the ears of the audience around me. On my left is a leather goods broker who looks out of place in the solemn atmosphere. After a while, he used his hands full of dead skin and calluses to remove the cotton ball from his ears, and then he lifted his feet. Relatively speaking, the man to his left knows how to appreciate art. He exudes the breath of a writer, and his deep eyes are full of depression. He stared at the person on the stage blankly, tapping with both hands, in a daze.
  The appearance of an accent sign represents the end of a paragraph, but the reverberation still echoes in the concert, and the melodious melody lingers in people’s hearts. A burst of applause pulled me back to the room in reality like thunder.
  But when the majestic and passionate passages sounded, the melody of the notes before me magically took me to another scene. Moses stood in front of the Red Sea, wearing a white robe and holding a magic wand. He raised his wand high, his thin lips trembling slightly, and he uttered a long series of spells. Suddenly, a huge crack appeared between heaven and earth and in the Red Sea. A path was opened between the huge cracks. The Israelis entered the huge crack and fled the Red Sea. They heard a shout of killing not far away, it was Pharaoh’s army. The Israelis fled in panic, terrified and disturbed. Soon, people passed the Red Sea. But the soldiers are also approaching. At the moment when Moses waved his magic wand, the light made the red sea merge into its original state. The army couldn’t get past, and returned in anguish.
  In the process of urgency, the intertwined melody has been echoing in my ears. When I opened my eyes suddenly, everything went to nothing and my peace was restored.