Cloud language

  Wanderers, wandering in the sky, for a long time, become the decoration of the sky.
  Once absent, the sky is like a dull blue cloth, lonely and empty.
  Without mundane utility, without clear intention, wherever the wind blows it, it will drift aimlessly.
  Gathering and dispersing, sometimes snowy, sometimes black; sometimes nap, sometimes awake; sometimes calm, sometimes panic; sometimes amiable, sometimes angry…Even if you live long, but the soul is still pure, and the personality is still naughty, like a child who knows nothing about the world , Neither will he adjust his facial expressions according to the wind, nor will he pretend to cater to the will.
  When we are tired, we are praised, we are despised when we are depressed, and we are cursed when we are dedicated. At this time, the shape of the cloud is like a mother grinning in childbirth, hysterical and rushing for the earth, but the earth relieved the drought because of it, and the plants became verdant and verdant.
  Thunder, often like a tyrannical executioner during execution, wielded a long fire whip and beat Yunxu violently over and over again. And the battered cloud, like a frail woman, shuddering and convulsing, living a miserable appearance of a victim. The billowing thunder is the cloud’s sorrowful wailing; the pouring rain is the cloud’s sad tears.
  Cloud comes from the water family and is a rebel in the water family. Those who were restless and guarded themselves knew their own insignificance, so they gave up confrontation and chose to escape, and fled quietly like stowaways. In order to avoid being pursued, the fugitives followed the sunlight up to the sky, and after some disguise, appeared as clouds. However, even if Yun broke free from the shackles of the ground and put himself on the shelf, in the end, he would be sent back to her family by the rough air current. Restore its original appearance and return to its original properties as water.
  The expulsion and abuse of clouds by the air currents is obviously unfair to the clouds: but to the people and the earth, it has the great kindness of universal benefit and benefit to the world—rainfall is undoubtedly the product of the struggle between clouds and air currents. This pair of “partners” who met halfway, love and hate are intertwined and inextricably difficult to solve, and as for the repeated space wars. However, fighting in their nest is a kind of harm to themselves; but to the outside world, it is a kind of blessing-it is because of their disharmony that they bestow the earth with rain and bring abundance to the world.
  The water is clean, but it has to accept pollution; the water has no dispute, but it has to be involved in disputes. In the eyes of those pragmatists, water is not water, but a scarce resource. Only by occupying more can we obtain huge benefits. Therefore, driven by greed and delusion, the water that should be shared by all things between heaven and earth is artificially cut and occupied. Fighting for water is not uncommon at home and abroad, ancient and modern. However, as innocent water, an effective way to escape from captivity seems to be the “Huashan Road” that transforms liquid water into gaseous clouds. When it becomes a cloud, the water gets rid of tracking and is undoubtedly liberated, allowing it to travel through any space at will. No one can claim that the cloud belongs to his family; no one has the ability to arrest the cloud and make it his own prisoner and slave. Yun’s disposition is detached, his desires are indifferent, he has neither the desire for wealth nor the notion of hierarchy, nor does he bother to cling to and compare. However, any freedom is not absolute, nor is it without cost. The cloud escaped from the dust and mud, and soon fell into the palm of the wind, and had to be at the mercy of the wind. The wind both pretends to be the redeemer of the cloud, and provides the thrust for the cloud to reach the sky, so that it is possible for the cloud to wander on the Pamirs today and float on the sea of ​​the Cape of Good Hope tomorrow.
  Because of the rebellion of part of the water, there are clouds in the sky; because of the clouds and rain, the earth is nourished.