After the “epidemic”, we will welcome the flowers

  At the beginning of 2020, the new crown virus epidemic suddenly struck. This is a major public health emergency with the fastest spread, the widest range and the most difficult prevention and control since the founding of New China. Under the leadership of the Party Central Committee and the State Council, the whole country has worked together to implement the general requirements of “strengthening confidence, helping each other, scientific prevention and control, and precise policy implementation”. 1.4 billion people have watched and helped each other with perseverance and dedication, and finally achieved a phased victory in epidemic prevention and control! In an environment where the global economy is severely affected by the epidemic, my country has also become the only major economy with positive economic growth in 2020.
  Today, we have ushered in 2021. Except for sporadic cases in some places, the new crown epidemic in most areas of my country has basically been brought under control. People’s work and life have returned to before the epidemic, almost the same as in the past. This issue is specially planned, let us look back on the extraordinary journey of the people across the country in fighting the epidemic together, feel the great spirit of fighting the epidemic together, and remember this battle experience we have been in.
  On August 11, 2020, President Xi Jinping signed the Presidential Decree, awarding Zhong Nanshan the “Medal of the Republic” and awarded Zhang Boli, Zhang Dingyu, and Chen Wei the national honorary title of “People’s Heroes”. This is not only the personal glory of the winners, but also the admiration and enthusiasm of the people across the country, and it records the struggle and strength of the Chinese people and the Chinese nation. In the past year, our party has united and led the people of all ethnic groups across the country. In the desperate battle against the new crown virus epidemic, with the fearless spirit of daring to fight and daring to win, we have created the supremacy of life, the unity of the whole country, the sacrifice of life and the respect. The great anti-epidemic spirit of science and shared destiny has jointly painted a magnificent picture of defending Wuhan, preventing and controlling the epidemic, and resuming work and production, creating another heroic feat in the history of human struggle against disease!
Life and death: three months to win major strategic results in the fight against the epidemic

  After the outbreak, the Chinese government adopted an open, transparent, and responsible attitude, and quickly established a response mechanism. The majority of medical researchers led by Zhong Nanshan, Zhang Boli, Zhang Dingyu, Chen Wei, etc. raced against time to develop etiology and epidemiology. The research took 8 days to identify the pathogen, and 16 days to successfully develop a detection kit. It took more than a month to initially contain the spread of the epidemic, and it took about 2 months to control the number of new domestic cases within single digits. It took about three months to achieve decisive results in the defense of Wuhan and Hubei, safeguarding the lives and health of the people, and making important contributions to the maintenance of regional and world public health security.
  Looking back on the course of China’s fight against the epidemic this year, it can be roughly divided into five stages-the
  first stage: Immediate response to sudden outbreaks (December 27, 2019 to January 19, 2020). Monitoring of cases of pneumonia of unknown cause in Wuhan City, Hubei Province, my country reported the epidemic as soon as possible, and quickly took action to conduct etiological and epidemiological investigations to stop the spread of the epidemic.
  The second stage: initially curb the spread of the epidemic (from January 20 to February 20, 2020). The number of newly diagnosed cases nationwide is increasing rapidly, and the prevention and control situation is extremely severe. The key strategy adopted by our country to stop the spread of the virus is to resolutely and decisively close the channel from Han to Hubei, and the defense war in Wuhan and Hubei has been fully launched. The Central Committee of the Communist Party of China established a leading group for response to the epidemic, and sent a central steering group to Hubei and other severely epidemic areas. The country concentrated resources and strength to assist Hubei Province and Wuhan City, and initiated major public health emergencies in all regions, the most comprehensive, strictest and thoroughest. The nationwide epidemic prevention and control has officially started, and the spread of the epidemic has been initially contained.
  The third stage: The number of new local cases gradually dropped to single digits (from February 21 to March 17, 2020). The rapid rise of the epidemic situation in Hubei Province and Wuhan City has been contained. The situation of the epidemic situation in the country except Hubei Province is generally stable. In mid-March, the daily new cases were controlled within single digits, and the epidemic prevention and control achieved important phased results. In accordance with the development of the epidemic prevention and control situation, the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China has made a major decision to coordinate epidemic prevention and control, economic and social development, and orderly resume work and production.
  The fourth stage: Achieve decisive results in the defense of Wuhan and Hubei (from March 18 to April 28, 2020). The spread of the national local epidemic with Wuhan as the main battlefield was basically blocked, the control measures for the passage from Han to Hubei were lifted, the patients with new coronary pneumonia in Wuhan were cleared, the Wuhan defense war and the Hubei defense war achieved decisive results, and the national epidemic prevention and control was blocked. The war achieved major strategic results. Domestic epidemics spread sporadically, overseas epidemics spread rapidly, and imported cases abroad caused the spread of related cases. The Central Committee of the Communist Party of China has grasped the development and changes of the epidemic situation and determined the prevention and control strategy of “foreign defense import and internal prevention rebound”, consolidate and deepen the effectiveness of domestic epidemic prevention and control, timely deal with clusters of epidemics, promote the resumption of work and production by classification, and care for overseas Chinese citizens.
  The fifth stage: The national epidemic prevention and control has become normal (since April 29, 2020). The domestic epidemic situation is generally sporadic. There are clusters of epidemics caused by sporadic cases in some areas. The imported cases abroad are basically under control. The positive situation of the epidemic situation continues to be consolidated, and the national epidemic prevention and control has become normalized.
Life is supreme: the bright background of China’s fight against the epidemic

  After the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia, General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out: “Doing a good job in the prevention and control of the epidemic is directly related to the safety and health of the people”. We must “always put the safety and health of the people in the first place.”
  The following figures can concisely and powerfully demonstrate that the supremacy of life is the bright background of our fight against the epidemic.
  80%: For more than 80% of critically ill patients with severe underlying diseases, implement “one person, one policy”, establish a multidisciplinary consultation system for infection, respiratory, critical illness, heart, kidney, etc., and formulate critical and critical care standards, and launch Measures such as high-flow oxygen inhalation, non-invasive and invasive mechanical ventilation, and prone position ventilation.
  More than 10 people: A 70-year-old man was suffering from new coronary pneumonia. More than 10 medical staff carefully rescued for dozens of days, and finally saved the old man’s life. The treatment cost nearly 1.5 million yuan was borne by the state.
  More than 12,000 people: Wuhan has concentrated its efforts to transform a number of stadiums, convention and exhibition centers, etc. into 16 shelter hospitals, with more than 14,000 beds, a total of more than 12,000 patients, more than 8,000 cured and discharged, and more than 3,500 transferred. , To achieve “zero infection, zero death, zero turning back”.
  94.3%: As of 24:00 on December 1, 2020, according to reports from 31 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) and the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps, there are currently 268 confirmed cases (including 8 severe cases) and 81649 cured and discharged cases. A total of 4,634 deaths and a total of 86,551 confirmed cases have been reported, with a cure rate of 94.3% and a mortality rate of 5.6%.
  162.4 billion yuan: As of May 31, the national government at all levels has allocated 162.4 billion yuan in epidemic prevention and control funds. The number of confirmed inpatient settlements nationwide was 58,000, the total medical expenses were 1.35 billion yuan, and the per capita medical expenses for confirmed patients were about 23,000 yuan. Among them, the per capita treatment cost for critically ill patients exceeds 150,000 yuan, and the treatment cost for some critically ill patients is hundreds of thousands or even millions of yuan, all of which are borne by the state.
  1.37 million ml: 10 provinces provided free support for 45,000 red blood cells, 1762 platelets, and 1.37 million ml of fresh frozen plasma (excluding convalescent plasma) in Hubei Province.

  10 days: mobilize 40,000 builders and thousands of mechanical equipment from all over the country to build a 1,000-bed Huoshenshan Hospital in only 10 days, and a 1600-bed Thunder Mountain Hospital in only 12 days. In just two weeks, 16 square cabin hospitals with more than 14,000 beds were built.
  928,800 tons: From January 27 to March 19, 2020, the country will transport 928,800 tons of epidemic prevention materials and daily necessities to Hubei through railway, highway, water transportation, civil aviation, postal express and other transportation methods, as well as electric coal, fuel oil, etc. Produced 1.487 million tons of materials.
Scientific prevention and control: the pioneering and innovative practical character of the Chinese people

  The new crown pneumonia epidemic is a major public health emergency with the fastest spread, the widest range of infections and the most difficult prevention and control in the past 100 years. How to effectively respond to the global pandemic, which has not been seen in a century, is still a world problem that needs to be solved by the international community. China proceeded from the actual conditions of the country, followed the objective laws of the prevention and control of infectious diseases, practiced while summing up while improving, and constantly responded to new challenges, striving to explore a set of effective “Chinese practices” in terms of controlling the epidemic and treating patients. “And “Chinese Method”.
  92%: The high utilization rate and high efficiency of the integrated Chinese and Western medicine treatment system has become a major feature of the clinical treatment of China’s fight against the new coronary pneumonia epidemic. According to statistics, the proportion of Chinese medicine involved in the treatment of confirmed cases reached 92%.
  16: In response to the rapid increase in the number of patients and about 80% of patients with mild illnesses, Wuhan has concentrated its efforts to transform a number of stadiums, convention and exhibition centers, etc. into 16 shelter hospitals, with more than 14,000 beds, so that patients with mild illnesses Receiving everything that should be received and treating all that should be done have reduced the spread of community infections and reduced the transition from mild to severe.
  7th edition: successively prepared (revised) 7 editions of the diagnosis and treatment plan for new coronary pneumonia, 3 editions of the diagnosis and treatment plan for severe and critical cases, 2 editions of light and general management practices, 2 editions of the recovery plasma treatment plan for recovered patients, and 1 edition of the new coronary pneumonia discharge The rehabilitation treatment plan for patients with major dysfunctions has improved the scientific and standardized medical treatment.
  10 kinds: On the basis of rigorous in vitro research and mechanism research, continuously summarize the experience of treatment, promote 10 kinds of drugs or treatment methods such as chloroquine phosphate, convalescent plasma, tocilizumab, Chinese medicine prescriptions, and Chinese patent medicines into the diagnosis and treatment plan. 4 clinical approval documents, and 5 guidelines or expert consensus have been formed.
  2765 person-times: Carry out the recovery period plasma collection and clinical treatment of the recovered patients, and establish an emergency reserve bank. As of May 31, a total of 2765 person-times of convalescent plasma were collected nationwide, and 1689 patients received the recovery period plasma treatment, achieving good treatment results.
  740,000 people: Strengthen epidemiological follow-up investigations, accurately track and cut off the virus transmission route. As of May 31, the country has tracked and managed more than 740,000 close contacts.
The whole country is one heart: the unity and great power of one heart and common happiness

  Based on the understanding of the epidemic prevention situation and the national cultural value of collectivism, combined with the experience of fighting against SARS in 2003, the people consciously promoted the formation of government, enterprises, social organizations, grassroots communities, volunteer groups, and families with personal experience and practical actions. The overall situation of the nation’s anti-epidemic that is integrated with individuals is an important experience in China’s fight against the epidemic.
  42,600 people: From New Year’s Eve, January 24 to March 8, 2020, a total of 346 national medical teams, 42,600 medical staff, and more than 900 public health personnel have been mobilized to assist Hubei. The People’s Liberation Army sent more than 4,000 medical personnel to support Hubei to undertake medical treatment tasks for three medical institutions including Huoshenshan Hospital. The Air Force dispatched transport aircraft to urgently deliver medical supplies.
  4 million: 4 million community workers are fighting in 650,000 urban and rural communities across the country, monitoring the epidemic, measuring body temperature, investigating personnel, standing guard, publicizing policies, preventing and killing the epidemic, and guarding the “first pass” of epidemic prevention and control. Public security police and auxiliary police stationed in hospitals, transported patients, patrolled streets, and maintained order. Faced with urgent, difficult, dangerous and heavy tasks, more than 130 people died at their jobs.
  1.8 million: 1.8 million sanitation workers across the country get up early and are greedy and work tirelessly, doing high-standard sanitation cleaning, disinfection and sterilization, centralized medical waste treatment, and garbage cleaning and transportation.
  8.81 million: According to incomplete statistics, as of May 31, 2020, the number of registered volunteers participating in epidemic prevention and control across the country reached 8.81 million, with more than 460,000 volunteer service projects and more than 290 million hours of volunteer service recorded.
  More than 39 million: At the critical moment when the epidemic threatens people’s lives and safety, Communist Party members rushed to the forefront. More than 39 million party members and cadres across the country are fighting on the front line of the epidemic. More than 13 million party members participated in voluntary service. Nearly 400 party members, The cadres gave their precious lives to safeguard the people’s lives.
  1.4 billion: 1.4 billion Chinese people, regardless of men, women, old and children, and regardless of the division of labor, have consciously participated in the People’s War to fight the epidemic. They are tenacious, united, and united to unite the majestic force to fight the epidemic. The 1.4 billion Chinese people are great fighters in the fight against the epidemic.
Rebirth from the ashes: China has a strong repair ability and vigorous vitality

  my country has become the first major economy to resume growth since the outbreak, and it has taken the lead in the world in terms of epidemic prevention and control and economic recovery, demonstrating China’s strong repair capabilities and vigorous vitality!
  99%: As of the end of April 2020, the resumption rate of industrial enterprises above designated size nationwide has exceeded 99%, the resumption rate of small and medium-sized and micro enterprises has reached 88.4%, and the resumption rate of major projects has exceeded 95%; the resumption rate of industrial enterprises above designated size and the arrival of employees in Hubei Province The rates reached 98.2% and 92.1% respectively, close to the national average overall.
  163 million students: Resumption of school in batches nationwide. As of May 31, 2020, all provinces (autonomous regions, municipalities) and Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps have opened some primary and secondary schools, and a total of 163 million students (including kindergartens) have returned to school .
  466.56 billion yuan: In 2020, the “May 1st” holiday will rejuvenate its vitality. The national railway, road, waterway, and civil aviation have sent a total of 121 million passengers, and the country has received 115 million domestic tourists, realizing domestic tourism revenue of 47.56 billion yuan; National Day, During the 8-day Mid-Autumn Festival holiday, the country received 637 million domestic tourists and achieved domestic tourism revenue of 466.56 billion yuan, which has withstood the double test of the epidemic and the holiday.
Shared destiny: the people of our country have the moral responsibility to help each other

  Iron shoulders bear morality and great love writes Spring and Autumn. At the critical moment of the global fight against the epidemic, while our country is doing its own prevention and control, it is adhering to the concept of “one under the world” and initiated the emergency humanitarian operation with the most concentrated assistance and the widest scope since the founding of New China. Prevention and control injected a steady stream of impetus, which fully demonstrated the image of a big country that values ​​faith, love and justice, upholds justice, and abide by morality. It embodies the moral responsibility of the people of our country to help each other and love peace, and vividly interprets seeking unity for the world and promoting the building of mankind. A big country with a shared future!
  US$50 million: my country provides two batches of US$50 million in cash assistance to the World Health Organization.
  29 medical expert teams: As of May 31, 2020, China has dispatched 29 medical expert teams to 27 countries to provide anti-epidemic assistance to 150 countries and 4 international organizations; to guide long-term foreign aid in 56 countries The medical team assisted the host country in carrying out the epidemic prevention and control work, provided technical consultation and health education to the residents and overseas Chinese, and held more than 400 online and offline training sessions.
  104 journals: The Ministry of Science and Technology, the National Health Commission, the Chinese Association for Science and Technology, and the Chinese Medical Association jointly established the “New Coronavirus Pneumonia Scientific Research Achievement Academic Exchange Platform” for global scientific researchers to publish results and participate in seminars, as of May 31, 2020 , A total of 104 journals, 970 papers and reports are online.
  200 countries: From March 1 to May 31, 2020, my country exported anti-epidemic materials to 200 countries and regions, including 70.6 billion masks, 340 million sets of protective clothing, 115 million goggles, and 96,700 ventilators Taiwan, 225 million test kits, 40.29 million infrared thermometers.
  1.2 million doses: According to statistics from the World Health Organization, there are 214 new coronavirus vaccines under development worldwide, of which 51 have entered clinical studies, 14 are from China; 14 have entered phase III clinical trials, and 6 are from China (4 are inactivated vaccines) ). Vaccine trials in my country have shown good safety and no serious adverse reactions have occurred. Regardless of the speed and quality of research and development, they have achieved “fast and good”. On December 7, 2020 local time, Indonesian President Joko announced that he had received China’s first batch of 1.2 million doses of the new crown vaccine, and another batch of 1.8 million doses will be received in January next year (2021).
  [Post-Edition] The new crown epidemic in 2020 is coming to an end. With the introduction of the new crown vaccine, we can foresee that life will gradually return to calm in 2021; but continue to normalize the epidemic prevention can not be relaxed, and the big exam is still going on. We must share the heavy responsibility, with a complete victory, with a blossoming spring, to comfort the heroes who have left and are still fighting!