What is the most profitable

  Someone asked the economist Ma Guangyuan: “What will sell the most profitable in the future?” He said: “Lifestyle.” People didn’t understand.
  In the past, when we talked about doing business, it was about selling products. So Ma Guangyuan explained: “If you eat green food and exercise every day, others will say that your lifestyle is very healthy; if you dance square dancing, listen to lectures, go to college for the elderly, others will say your lifestyle is fashionable; you love to travel, When you go to Lijiang or Sanya for retirement, others will say that your lifestyle is very chic.” For
  example, after the invention of the electric light, candles were eliminated, but in the United States, Yankee Candles sold their lifestyles, but turned them into small candle companies. Tens of billions of giants. This stems from the Christmas of the seventeenth year of its founder Mike Kitrich. He wanted to prepare a Christmas gift for his mother, but at that time he had no money to buy it, so he wanted to make a gift for his mother by himself. He melted the colored crayons and made a candle. He wanted to give it to his mother. This beautiful candle happened to be seen by the neighbor. The neighbor liked it very much, so he asked Mike to sell her…
  Mike suddenly felt that he could make all kinds of beautiful candles. In this way, he set up a company specializing in the production of candles. His candle company is to convey an exquisite home lifestyle to everyone, and in this way, let fragrance change home life into a fashion.
  Economist Lang Xianping has a similar view. He said: “Apple sells not only mobile phones, but an efficient and fast lifestyle of elites. Starbucks sells not only coffee, but also a comfortable and refined lifestyle of petty bourgeoisie. MUJI sells not only department stores, but also a natural and simple way of life. This year I made a lot of money and made a lot of money to order “Fashion”. “Fashion” has changed from a recreational product to a goal of struggle. Longing for a certain lifestyle…”
  On May 8, 2014, financial writer Wu Xiaobo quit all his previous columns and started his own business, earning hundreds of millions of dollars by selling his lifestyle to the middle class. Replacing pure product sales with lifestyle is the future trend, and retail that does not sell lifestyle will have no future.