Dumbfounded, I enjoy strange benefits in the Netherlands

   The Netherlands is one of the countries with the best welfare treatment. There are many welfare names, covering almost all aspects of life, from birth to death. The protagonist Zhang Lingxuan in this article has worked in the Netherlands for two years. He not only felt the benefits, but also saw some strange benefits.
Feel open

   My name is Zhang Lingxuan and I am 27 years old. In February 2018, I graduated from a university in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, and with the help of my uncle, I joined a local insurance company.
   Since I am good at German and English, the business quickly started in full swing. In September, I was dispatched to the Amsterdam branch to expand the business. I also went to Dawede from Ghana, Africa.
   I was reluctant to go to Amsterdam, where I was unfamiliar, because I had the help of my uncle in Rotterdam and the business was going well, but I had to rely on myself in Amsterdam.
   “Zhang, I think you don’t know what you are in blessing. Going to Amsterdam is something that many people dream of. You will know the beauty when you wait there!” Daweed said. I am a little puzzled. In my impression, Amsterdam is only famous for tulips in the world. How can I be addicted to flowers as a man?
   I told my girlfriend Lin Jingyi about working in Amsterdam. As soon as I finished speaking, she advised me not to go. When I asked why, Lin Jingyi just kept sighing.
   Lin Jingyi’s attitude made me very conflicted. I also considered giving up working in Amsterdam, but the company offered a monthly salary of 3,000 euros, plus a 5% performance commission. In this way, the annual income can reach 60,000 euros. It’s a proper gold collar in the country. I comfort Lin Jingyi, no matter what happens, I will cleanse myself and stick to the bottom line of a man for her.
   After arriving in Amsterdam, Hengsen, the head of the branch, received us. After arranging the accommodation, he mysteriously said that he would take us to a fun place. When he saw him dancing, my curiosity was aroused.
   Following Hengsen, we strolled on the streets of Amsterdam. Suddenly, the sexy girl in the shop window caught my attention. When I stopped, the girl snapped my finger at me. I was about to respond. Pulled away.
   “Zhang, do you know who they are? If you greet you rashly, they will pester you!” I thought those girls were just business advertising gimmicks. Hengsen’s next words surprised me, “Here is the famous Dutch name. In the red light district, I don’t need to say more about who they are!” I was shocked in a cold sweat. Before coming, I knew that the red light district was legal in the Netherlands, but I didn’t expect them to solicit business in such a grand manner.
   I began to look carefully at everything in front of me, and the naked pictures on the window were even more dazzling, making my eyes unavoidable. After walking around for half an hour, I ran away on the grounds of being tired, but Hengsen was still not satisfied, and finally opened a window.
   Back to the dormitory, I checked on the Internet and found out that in the 17th century, adventurers from North Africa, America, Indonesia, India and even Brazil ended up in Amsterdam on a thrilling or monotonous journey, and having fun became the first impulse. . The so-called “red light district” has relied on candles to emit light of temptation in that era before there were electric lights. Now candles have been changed to red fluorescent lights, and “red light district” has gradually become synonymous with erotic entertainment.
   I suddenly remembered Daweed’s ill-intentioned smile before I set off. It turned out that he was suggesting that I would not feel empty and lonely because of leaving my girlfriend in open Amsterdam. It’s just that as I was influenced by traditional Chinese culture, how can I indulge myself and do things that I am sorry for Lin Jingyi.
   Early the next morning, I was surprised to see the dispirited Heng Sen. He did not return all night. Seeing me, Hengsen excitedly shook an invoice in his hand and said: “By the end of the month, I can request reimbursement from the company!”
   I thought it was funny, how could such expenses be reimbursed by the company. “Zhang, you don’t understand this. I am 50 years old and unmarried so far. According to you Chinese, I am an old bachelor. According to Dutch law, the government pays for such expenses, so I can report to the unit.” I was dumbfounded. If Hengsen doesn’t get married all his life, the company will have to pay for his “girlfriend”?
   A month later, Hengsen excitedly handed me the pay slip, and it was really reimbursed for this part of the expenses, and the item listed was entertainment expenses.
   Two months later, it was my 25th birthday. Hengsen and Davide prepared a party for me, and they called their girlfriends over.
   After a lot of coveting, I was drunk in a daze. I don’t know when only my girlfriend and Daweed were left in the room. Her hands were touching me, and I seemed to be irritated and I suddenly woke up. It turned out that Hengsen and Daweed made a fraud, and Daweed’s girlfriend was just “invited” by them. I politely invited the girl away and looked at her back in shock.
   An hour later, Daweed and Henson came back, jokingly asking how I was feeling. I know they are kind, but I can’t bear such kindness: “This kind of thing will not happen again in the future. I already have a girlfriend.” Hengsen still smiled: “Your girlfriend is in Rotterdam. …”
Travel party

   At the beginning of December 2018, the company held a year-end summary meeting. According to the company’s past traditions, a grand travel party will be held. When the boss announced the news, the audience suddenly burst into applause.
   Isn’t it just a tourist party, what’s so exciting? What surprised me even more was that, in stark contrast to male employees, the female employees seemed very calm. Hengsen shook my hand excitedly and said, “You will know the mystery when you attend the party!”
   I told Lin Jingyi the news of participating in the company travel party, but she unexpectedly lost her mind: “My dear, you said you Do you love me or not?” Seeing Lin Jingyi frowning, I don’t understand why traveling and loving her are related. I comforted her, but only went there for four days, not a farewell, besides, I would definitely prepare a gift for her. Seeing Lin Jingyi who was wanting to talk but stopped, I quickly said that I would accompany her to travel once when I had time.
   On December 21st, I arrived at the departure place at the appointed time. To my surprise, all the male colleagues who went on vacation were male colleagues.
   There was nothing special about eating and playing on the first day. On the second night, the atmosphere suddenly became abnormal. There was no more individual guest in the hotel, and the hotel also strengthened security.
   After eating dinner at 7pm, everyone’s cell phones, cameras and other electronic products were taken away by the supervisor. Then everyone gathered in the lobby on the first floor, which was already full of various meals and drinks, and everyone began to drink happily.
   At 8 o’clock in the evening, two buses slowly drove into the hotel, and more than forty girls with heavy makeup got off the bus. They flirted with us: “Come on, darlings.”
   Just when I was stunned, Heng Sen suddenly whistled to me: “Zhang, what are you still hesitating about? They are the company benefits of this party. You can do whatever you want.” At this moment, I suddenly understood that this trip was an out-and-out communication. At the party, I understood the reasons why the female employees did not come, and I also understood the pain of Lin Jingyi knowing that I was participating in the trip.

   Seeing Hengsen leaving with a girl in his arms, I was at a loss. At this moment, the boss Lowitzki patted me on the shoulder: “Zhang, what are you still doing?”
   I was in a dilemma. If I didn’t find a girl, I didn’t “collaborate with them”, it would be difficult to integrate into them in the future, but To do things that I’m sorry for Lin Jingyi, I really don’t want to let down her affection. In desperation, I had to pretend to dance and talk with a girl…
   Two hours later, Hengsen asked me to take the girl back to the room: “That’s right, if you don’t cooperate, the leaders will be very angry.” He Tell me, using social parties to motivate employees is an unspoken rule that has been popular in the Netherlands for many years. Many world-renowned top companies privately provide such benefits to outstanding male employees. It is said that this kind of incentive method is more stimulating than money, and it can also stimulate male employees’ desire to work.
   In the next few days, I brought the girl into the room but did nothing. In order to make Lin Jingyi believe that I am clean and self-conscious, I will let her see everything happening in the room every day through videos.
   Sure enough, my “knowledge” gained the recognition of colleagues, and Hengsen shared his experience with me with great interest: “Every girl wears armbands. You can only find those with yellow signs on their shoulders. A white sign is for the company’s mid-level management and elite salesmen…”
   Four days later, I finally “passed” this vacation and returned to the room rented by my girlfriend in Rotterdam. Take a breath. Although I didn’t do anything to apologize to Lin Jingyi, I was still afraid to see her sharp eyes.
   Lin Jingyi asked me curiously if she was tempted to see a sexy girl.
   I said, “I am not a saint, and I also have seven emotions and desires, but I know that doing so will hurt you deeply.”
   Lin Jingyi looked at me for a moment, and then slowly said: “Actually, I thought for a long time, if you really betrayed you. Our love, I will also forgive you, because I know it is part of your job.”
   A week later, I met Lin Jingyi’s parents from China and they recognized me very much. I didn’t know until then that a vacation was Lin Jingyi’s final test for me. If I was determined, she would persuade the domestic parents to accept me, otherwise she would leave quietly.
   I was shocked in a cold sweat and reminded myself that I must refuse to participate in such a vacation in the future, even if the leaders and colleagues look down on me, alienate me, and exclude me.
Back to heart

   With this “conspiracy” with colleagues, everyone’s attitude towards me turned 180 degrees, especially Hengsen invited me to drink together.
   In fact, with the increase of time in Amsterdam, I gradually accepted the opening of the locals. Amsterdam is like a testing ground for humanity, challenging and tolerating people’s various moral bottom lines. Things that outsiders seem to be very dangerous, but here Received exceptional tolerance and support.
   One day in January 2019, I curiously asked Hengsen, since the company organized a holiday for male employees, would it also organize similar activities for female employees. Hengsen sold off, he did not answer directly, but asked me to ask my girlfriend.
   How could I tell Lin Jingyi about such a thing, so I had to go online to check, but such reports were rare.
   Just when I almost gave up looking for an answer, Hengsen gave me a website. After I logged in, it showed that this is a website that needs to be “over the wall” to see. For me who is proficient in computers, this is not difficult.
   Soon I deciphered the password of the website and logged in. It recorded the experience of some female employees participating in vacation activities. When the large-scale photos were presented in front of me, I almost screamed.
   “Will Lin Jingyi also participate in similar activities?” “Will she betray me?” A series of questions popped out of my mind, but I still restrained the impulse and did not ask Lin Jingyi because it was my opinion. Her trust.
   In a blink of an eye, in July 2020, Lin Jingyi told me: In order to enhance the cohesion of employees and jointly fight the new crown pneumonia epidemic, their company decided to organize their employees to travel and vacation.
   I anxiously asked Lin Jingyi, is it only female employees? After getting a definite answer, my heart almost jumped out. Lin Jingyi comforted me that this is an ordinary trip, so I don’t think too much.
   For the first two days, Lin Jingyi would call and send photos to inform me of the itinerary. Watching them travel around the mountains and enjoy the wine and delicacies, my heart was finally relieved.
   But at 11 pm on the third day, I suddenly received a call from Lin Jingyi for help. It turned out that the company arranged a male escort for each of them. After entering the room, the escort began to act unscrupulously. After Lin Jingyi repeatedly expressed that she did not like him, the escort was still unmoved, so she had to ask me for help.
   I comforted Lin Jingyi to stay calm and I will be there within two hours. Along the way, I thought a lot about this damn tourist party! I thought of calling the police, but I know that in the end this kind of thing is to settle things down, and more importantly, after this tossing, Lin Jingyi definitely can’t stay in the company.
   Two hours later, I rushed to the hotel eagerly. Lin Jingyi was waiting for me in the lobby of the hotel with my luggage. Seeing me, she rushed into my arms quickly.
   I comforted my girlfriend who was still in shock. In her intermittent sobbing, I knew what was going on: It turned out that this was a vacation specially arranged by the company for female employees. The company had held many similar events before, but it was not affected by female employees. I did not expect Lin Jingyi, a Chinese, to be so repulsive.
   “I can’t control how you Dutch love it, but we are Chinese, please respect our way of life!” I didn’t know where the courage came from, shouting hysterically.
   On the way back, we hugged each other and were speechless. I finally realized Lin Jingyi’s worry when she knew that I was taking a vacation, and I was able to realize her helplessness when I told her that I went to work in Amsterdam. Yeah, to the open “sex city.” , How long can I defend her as a jade?
   When I returned to my residence, Lin Jingyi hugged me tightly: “I’m ready, I am going to resign, maybe the open Netherlands is not suitable for us at all!”
   In fact, I have considered this issue for a long time, and I have been worried that Lin Jingyi cannot accept me. The idea of ​​going back to China for development, so I kept silent.
   I stared at Lin Jingyi’s tearful face, and said seriously: “Go to his good welfare, let’s go back to China.” In
   August, I asked the company to resign, and Hengsen’s eyes widened. He didn’t believe I was willing to give up the high salary. back to China.
   In early September, Lin Jingyi and I returned to Guangzhou. Under the introduction of a friend, I joined an e-commerce company. The love between Lin Jingyi and I has also been established. With the arrangements of our parents, our wedding is planned to be held on Labor Day in 2021.
   I told Hengsen the good news. Soon I also received good news from Hengsen. He has found a girlfriend and is planning to come to China for vacation. I asked him curiously: “Are you willing to hang on a tree?” Hengsen’s reply was short: I used to be intoxicated in the outside world, but when I grow old When I went, I suddenly found that I needed a wife!