Do you understand the system of corporate growth?

Enterprise growth is a permanent topic and the mission of entrepreneurs. Especially the continuous growth of enterprises is an issue that every entrepreneur is extremely concerned about. However, if an enterprise wants to achieve the goal of continuous growth, it must establish A system that continues to grow.

I often compare a company to a person. People have two feet and one head. In fact, the same is true for enterprises. Any enterprise must have two feet. One is called the product and the other is called the team. The head is the strategy of the enterprise, which is the direction of the enterprise.

Ordinary companies have two feet and one head, and they start business. If we compare operating companies to climbing Jinmao Tower, they are listed on the 88th floor. When many companies climb to the second floor, You will find that there are actually companies that have climbed to the 88th floor. For example, Pinduoduo has been listed in two years; Ruixing Coffee has been listed in less than two years. If you continue to climb, when you reach the tenth floor, you will find that someone has climbed to the top of the 88th floor three times. For example, Ji Qi, he participated in the establishment of three listed companies within ten years, namely Ctrip and Home, Huazhu.

Ji Qi is neither the second-generation official nor the second-generation rich. He is just a child of an ordinary family. So why can he be so fast? It’s very simple. He never walks on a step ladder. He started looking for an elevator as soon as he started a business.

In the process of operating a business, the elevator is actually a business model. In fact, it was not Alibaba, but eBay eBay that first opened an online store, but eBay eBay requires a fee to open a store, and Taobao, a subsidiary of Alibaba, is free to open a store. Jack Ma uses a free model to quickly obtain traffic, thus defeating eBay eBay; When Didi Chuxing first started, it was not only free, but also supplemented money to drivers and passengers. A good business model needs funds to support it, just like driving an elevator with electricity.

Therefore, if an enterprise wants to achieve sustained growth, it must have five major systems: product development and production system, team operation system, strategic planning system, business model system, and capital operation system.

Product system. Among them, we can continue to divide the product system. For example, products also require two feet. One is product innovation, and the other is product layout, such as the iPhone. Before it was launched, no mobile phone was so smart. No mobile phone has only one button. Apple has made revolutionary innovations in the development and production of this product. The layout of iPhone products does not have many models like Nokia, but is constantly iterating. There is only one main style in a period, so from the first iPhone to today’s iPhone 12, it has been selling well.

The head of the product system is the product brand, and the other two wings are the product packaging and product sales, which together constitute a product system.

If we subdivide the packaging contained in the product system, we will find that the packaging can also be a system. We call it the packaging system of the product. The packaging system of the product also has two feet and a head. The sense of value and novelty, the head is the sense of beauty. Because good packaging can at least increase the value of the product, it must have a sense of value, such as the packaging of the iPhone, which is noble, atmospheric, and high-end; then it has a sense of novelty, which is completely different from other products. The packaging of the iPhone is not so fancy The decoration of the iPhone is full of mysterious sense of technology and simplicity, almost opening a new era of technology product packaging. This is the innovation of iPhone packaging. Of course, the most important thing is aesthetics. All packaging should follow the rules of aesthetics. The iPhone has achieved the simplicity and beauty of technology.

But in addition, the packaging should also have its own elevator and electricity or plug in two wings to be complete, then these two wings are storytelling and sexy. For example, the sense of story, the logo on the back of the iPhone-the bitten Apple. Jobs found the logo made by McKenna creative director Rob Janoff, which was derived from a mysterious story-the story of Alan Mathison Turing.

Turing was forcibly “treated” because he was a homosexual. After being forced to inject a large amount of estrogen, he became humiliated and committed suicide by eating apples contaminated with potassium cyanide. He died on the table with half an apple left at the age of 42. year old. Turing’s admirer Jobs named the company Apple and marked it with a bitten apple. This makes the iPhone’s story full and enhances the product’s spread.

The fifth component system of product packaging is sex appeal. In fact, sex appeal is not only a person’s cultural temperament, body appearance, dress or action. The concept of sex appeal also contains a very individual temperament, a personal personality that can attract others. Charm and a piece of wisdom that can show the inner and own advantages just right. At this point, the packaging of the iPhone is very good. The original iPhone has two colors. The sexy black is for mysterious and powerful men, and the sexy white is for elegant and pure women.

The product packaging system also consists of five small systems: story system, novelty system, aesthetic system, value system and sexy system. The aesthetic system among them is continued to be split, and the aesthetics of one package can be smaller than several The system is closely related to two feet: the color system and the material system. The color system must at least conform to the laws of human psychological response to colors, and the coordination between colors is the same, and must conform to the laws of vision. The material system must not be too much or too little. It must not only meet the needs of communication, but also not be too full; the head is a symmetrical system, and the beautiful things conform to the symmetrical beauty law, otherwise it will lose balance; the two wings are the material system And related systems, that is to say, if a package is to be aesthetic, it must choose the appropriate material, color, and material. The related system is that the beauty of the packaging also needs to be truly beautiful. Everything can serve the product itself. It is highly relevant to the product.

Team system. The wisdom of the team’s operation I obtained by observing the movement of galaxies in the universe. The movement of galaxies is closely related to mass, speed, orbit, revolution, and rotation. In fact, there are five systems. The orbit system continues to be divided into Boss track, high-level track, middle-level track, grass-roots track, administrative track, high-level track can be divided into leadership, command, system, culture, and standards. The system can be divided into salary system, incentive system, administrative system, security system, and financial system. , There are 125 items further down. Doing these 125 items will almost solve the system running by the team.

Strategic system. A good strategy can at least be divided into company strategy, functional strategy, business strategy, product strategy, and market strategy. Product strategy must at least consider the environment, competition, difference, field and core competitiveness. The core competitiveness is also valuable. Scarcity, innovation, irreplaceability, and difficulty in imitating, etc., are divided down into 125 items. If you do these 125 items, you can almost complete the strategy as a large system.

Pattern system. The model system can also be divided into customer value propositions, target consumer groups, resource organization forms, value chains, profit methods, and business models. Resource organization can be divided into operation methods, sales methods, innovation methods, information acquisition methods, and decision-making methods. There are 125 items further down. If you do these 125 items, you can almost complete the model system.

Capital system. It can be divided into five aspects: capital flow, fission, combination, optimization, and expansion. Capital expansion can be divided into five forms: vertical, horizontal, mixed, combination and split. Vertical expansion is divided into upstream and downstream. The expansion in the five directions of, same level, service and sales is divided into 125 items. If you do these 125 items, you can almost do a good job in capital operation of this large system.

In summary, enterprise growth requires five systems: product, team, strategy, model, and capital, and the product requires five systems: innovation, layout, brand, packaging, and sales. There are five small systems for subdividing product packaging: value, novelty, beauty, story and sexy. And to achieve the beauty of product packaging requires five smaller systems: color, material, symmetry, material, and correlation. Calculated in this way, the entire system is five to the fourth power, and the system for enterprise growth is just 625.

Many companies often only consider one point or a few points in the process of operation, instead of a systematic thinking mode. In the end, a real growth system has not been formed, and it is a pity that they have gradually lost the motivation for growth in the process of operation. If you can understand the company’s growth system earlier, you may achieve sustained growth sooner.