“A mess” of self-discipline

  The word self-discipline is constantly being mentioned. It is a strict restriction on oneself, a process of overcoming laziness, hesitation, and decadence, finding the true self, and making oneself better.
  Countless inspiring examples can be seen every day. Looking at them and drinking “literal chicken soup”, I feel encouraged.
  One of my seniors is an extremely self-disciplined person. I have to admit that he is indeed excellent and his achievements are also very impressive. Persist in getting up early, exercising, reading, talking and insightful, and learning both inside and outside, full of vigor every day.
  More than half of the year has passed. How many people still insist on the flag set at the beginning of the new year? Ideal is full, the reality is very skinny. “Chicken Soup for the Soul” is delicious, but it will be greasy if you drink too much.
  Roommate, insist on writing a thousand words every day. After being tired for a whole day, she collapsed on the sofa when she arrived home, thinking that her 1,000-character task had not yet been completed. She got up with difficulty, so sleepy that her eyelids were fighting, and she wrote a thousand words like sleepwalking while half asleep and half awake. . The next day, the alarm clock rang three times without affecting her, she was not unexpectedly late, and the one-month perfect attendance award was lost. When I looked back at the article I wrote yesterday, I didn’t know what to do. At first, she still had a little confidence and finished the work quickly. She just squeezed out a period of time, and finally received criticism due to negligence in her work. Walking out of the leadership office, the roommate said with grief: “Self-discipline is a mess.”
  Another colleague firmly believes in the benefits of self-discipline. He insists on getting up early to exercise every day, and he also insists on checking in the circle of friends. At first it was acceptable, but within two days, she yawned after sitting in front of the computer. Running in the morning, I couldn’t lift my legs. I walked for a full five minutes in 30 seconds. I advised her: “It’s okay, take a good rest.” She immediately retorted: “No! Do you know how terrible the life of self-discipline is?” I shook my head-I don’t know how terrible self-discipline is. The so-called daily check-in, and ran out under heavy snow, and broke my arm. It was terrible when I called out pain in the hospital.
  Looking at my colleague in a cast on the hospital bed, I wonder how terrible is self-discipline? It’s terrible. After disrupting the rhythm of life, you will be exhausted, furious, and complain about yourself. In this process, you won’t get anything except wasteful labor.
  Self-discipline should be a way to get happiness and excellence, not a punishment for your own boring life.
  A few years ago, I didn’t intend to hear that someone laughed at me for being fat. I was very sad and cruel, and started not eating dinner. I was not moved by others who persuaded me. Watching the plummeting weight, I am also delighted by my self-control. Suddenly one night, my abdominal pain was unbearable, and it was painful to turn over. The doctor diagnosed immune pancreatitis. My dad was very angry: “Why should you care about others’ judgments? Just be confident.”
  Indeed, what we call excellence is never for ourselves. But for the good figure and good job that others say, we too want to be recognized by others, just like the line of “The King of Comedy”: “Life is originally a tragedy, but it has become a comedy for others.”
  We just Ordinary little people, working hard in their own world, loving life, occasionally nesting lazily at home, eating fried chicken, chasing TV dramas, intermittently “inspiring to lose weight”, making small complaints from time to time, and others dislike it again I would rather be unkempt for three days.
  We just want to live our lives as a poem, bring sunshine into our hearts, cultivate our own small pastoral, and stay calm.
  In the words of Fudan professor Chen Guo: “We can live our lives a little bit more authentically and more authentically. Anyway, some people will like you and some will dislike you, but at least you will like yourself more. “