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Dr Hessel, Gustav Adolf, Helmer Broo, and vicar had burnt their cigar out on the pengma.

The new vicar, who had recently taken office after the raven, was a very pleasant man. He and Gustav Adolf are very well matched. Both were sincere and direct natures, but differed in that the vicar, who was inclined to meditation, gladly pondered the religion with the science, while Gustav Adolf despised the doctrine and considered the reason to be bad and a rather inadequate guide to the secrets of God’s kingdom. Divergence of opinions often led to intense debates between them, however, as a result, the dissidents at the end of the dispute were equally good, even better friends than at the beginning. This afternoon the speech turned to a more recent Bible review. Helmer Broo defended it, the clergyman had found one and the other good, but Gustav Adolf condemned it. Dr Hesse watched with a gorgeous, sizzling smoker who rose from his cigars perpendicularly to the frozen autumn air. He followed the conversation with an appalling indifference and only occasionally made a remark.

“But, dear Spitzenholdt,” the vicar began, “you have to admit that the Bible is not divine in all respects.

“Yes, but holy men have spoken by the influence of the Holy Ghost.”

“Of course, but in spite of this, the Bible is purely human, and its separation from purely divine is precisely the task of judgment.”

“And you believe that the review is capable of performing such a task. Not every day! Unwind, it knows, but it does whip with wheat.”

“So you admit that the Bible has thistles,” Helmer remarked
“For my part, I haven’t found them there,” replied Gustav Adolf. “The fact that God used people to aid in the eternalization of His Word does not, in my view, undo the divinity of the Bible, and although each writer has printed his own stamp on his book, there is, however, an excellent harmony between these letters to testify that they have been driven by the same Spirit. We have no other way of finding the way to God and learning to know Him.

“Therefore, the mind does not have anything to do with religion, for the word of God fights against all goodness. Do you think so?” asked Dr. Hessel.

“Not so, but the word of God goes all the way,” Gustav answered
Adolf with weight.
Dr. Hessel raised his shoulders and remained silent.

“Yes, religion has to be wise if it feels underneath its power over others, such as hunters and stupid people,” said Helmer Broo.

“The secrets of God’s kingdom are concealed in the wisdom and communicated to the simple,” replied Gustaf Adolf.

“Then don’t the wise couple have any other advice than to invent their own religion. Then wash their hands innocently,” Dr. Hessel said.

“They have another advice to use,” said Gustaf Adolf. “They can turn and come as children to their father.”

“For my part, however, I believe that understanding also has the right to confess to religion and religion must also fulfill its need,” said Helmer Broo.

“We must be children in evil, but perfect in skill,” chanted the vicar.

“Well, what the two of you are now kneeling, K. A.”, asked a doctor who sometimes spoke to Gustav Adolf with the initials of his name.

“Of course, there is also the right to be involved in religion, but as well as the human gifts of life, it must obey the obedience of faith and love,” replied Gustaf Adolf. “You must love God for all your souls, in all your minds, for all your understanding of [the Swedish Bible translation] and all your power.” But note that this is what you say: you must love, not say: you have to criticize. ”

Gustav Adolf spoke vividly, with a glowing mind. But his heat wasn’t so easy to fire like before. Perhaps the age was partly condensed by his passionate mind, it is more likely that the perennial close friendship with him, who was humble and gentle in his heart, had poured out gentleness on Gustav’s Adam, so that his enthusiasm was now livened up by love, and, as before, the flurry of love. .

“But who can fulfill that commandment?” said the vicar, looking thoughtful.

“The one who can give the right answer to the question that Jesus made to the people immediately after this, the most important commandment of the law.”

Gustav Adolf’s last statement made Dr. Hessel to be proud of his indifference. The intimate man who preached forever that man could not do anything other than sin, he now wanted to claim that someone could fulfill God’s law. This was amazing! Dr. Hessel persuaded him in this blatant inconsistency and began to get enthusiastic about it.

“What was it? I don’t remember it,” he said.

“It was: what will you see about Christ?”

“Well, have you given the right answer?”

“The answer became clear to me once I had come to the brink of ruin, and Christ appeared before me, stretched out his hand to me for salvation, and set me that question. My Savior answered my heart to Him. so then I felt that my answer was correct. ”

“And now you love God for all your soul and mind, for all your understanding and strength!” chuckled Dr. Hessel more and more wondering.

A moment passed before Gustav Adolf answered anything, because he was afraid to say either too little or too much.

“I love God,” he began to “have a perfect quality, because it is the love of Christ in my heart. It still does not control my entire being, but it develops once. Jesus is my benefactor. What He did for me is, by faith, counted to me, until He has fully accomplished His mission.

“Nice way indeed,” Dr. Hessel pointed out.

“So the work of the other would be rewarded for me! I fight it for justice and justice,” Helmer Broo said.

He was already afraid of a storm on Gustav Adolf’s side, but fortunately the vicar had a word.

“History shows that this has often happened,” he said. “Listen to the following example! The Jews wanted to condemn Jesus to death, but they could not, because they had no right to make a death sentence. Then they forced Pilate to do it. His blood will come upon us and our children, so they voluntarily took Pilate’s crime as their own, and Pilate moved their crimes to their shoulders, and God has both accepted and strengthened this transfer, as witnessed by the destruction of Jerusalem and the dispersion of the Jews in all countries. when a man, seeing the pure life of Christ and His deadly death for sin, thinks in his heart: I would also like to live my life by death. repent of this transfer and treats man as if he had lived the life of Jesus and died the death of Jesus. ”

“That’s a good and clear example, thanks for that!” exclaimed Gustav
Adolf admired.
“I haven’t invented it myself,” said the vicar, who didn’t want to shine with the thoughts of others. “It was told by a friend of mine, a philosopher theologian, with whom you would probably agree with many things, Spitzenholdt. and be subject to faith. ”

“Oh yeah!”

“But he would hardly ever have come to the conclusion if his mind had been discouraged as soon as it began to make his first airline in the world of idols. No one can force you to believe. ”

“Not against his own will,” admitted Gustav Adolf. “But if a man just wants to, then he may have faith more directly without long detours.”

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“Don’t be so sure about that,” said the vicar, “not everyone in your law has been given a gift of faith by birth. Many will be able to fight for years with darkness in pursuit of light.”

“Faith is by no means innate,” replied Gustav Adolf. “I fought without faith, and I was already at death, when it was suddenly given to me as a gift from God.”

“But at least your battle is probably not due to suspicions. At least I can’t think of it,” Dr. Hessel said with a smile.

“It was kind of because I thought it was rude to power that there would still be a grace supply to my miserable loser.

“Sin does not prevent you from finding your way into God’s heart,” the vicar said thoughtfully. “On the contrary, it will rather help it.”

“So it’s good to sin,” Dr. Hessel pointed out, blowing the sucker clean, throwing it away from the cigar.

“By no means, but to know your sins,” answered the vicar.

“But you can’t feel it unless it’s in us,” said the doctor.

“But it may be in us, and we don’t even know it,” said Gustav Adolf, interrupting the speech, for he noticed that the thread had no purpose other than to mess and irritate.

“The danger of sin is that it can rise stronger than faith in the grace of God, then we can soon visit us, as it did to Judas,” said the vicar.

“That’s where I was, too,” said Gustaf Adolf.

“I could already guess. How did you get out of it?” asked the vicar with interest.

“I had a friend, the best I have ever had. With God. God’s faithfulness has guarded me. ”

“What was your friend called?”

“Sven Riise.”

A moment of silence followed. Gustav Adolf’s thoughts began to drift past times, to a friend who died at a young age. He was forgotten about his entire environment until finally Dr. Hessel’s voice returned to reality again.

“You think the old theologians are going to spin the rescue,” he said. “In our enlightened era, we don’t need innocently spilled blood or profound mind-ups; we need only a small change in the word, which fortunately has already largely been achieved. The point is no longer fit for the hearts of the devil, nor is there any more murderers and murderers, they are just sick parks that are killing the thieves or the murder of a murderer. .Mankind saves itself. ”

It was impossible for Dr. Hessel’s voice to decide whether this objection was worthy of praise.

“Fortunately, many no longer believe in hell and devil,” Helmer Broo said.

“Yes, thankfully,” admitted the doctor. “And the most excited about the devil himself, it is a sure thing. The less mankind believes in him, the more he can work for it. But on the contrary, God’s. He should follow God as an example of religion; ”

“Don’t talk about your God at the time!” said Gustav Adolf and began to walk back and forth on the shore.

Dr. Hessel seemed to look at him with pleasure that he had been thrown into his balance again.

“You describe our time worse than it really is, Hessel,” said Helmer Broo. “If there is no faith in the devils and hell, and so much is not spoken of sin, then there is faith in God and good victory yet.”

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“To force! Not at all, my friend! Hardly any longer will last long. After the trinity of evil has fallen into a good triangle. That Holy Spirit, which, according to Gustav Adolf’s speech, is needed to comprehend the Bible’s word, is according to the opinion of theologians of the more recent times, but just air and air. the wind, and also the Son of God, have transformed them into a common man.

Gustav Adolf stood in the same doctor, looking at him with astonishment and eye-catching eyes. “I accept your words, but I don’t see what you’re talking about,” he said. “What do you mean?”

Dr. Hessel was just giving a ludicrous response, but suddenly his mind was overwhelmed. Elisa approached, her steps were already audible, and she didn’t want to offend Elisa’s ears. He got up and went against Elisa.

“I’m right here I sat transfixed,” he said.

“Do you want to walk the time with me to get warm again?” he asked pulling Elisa’s hand to his arm.

It was recorded the next day. Elisa sat in her baby’s room with her smallest child when Dr. Hessel stepped in and said she was going to a nearby harbor town for a half-day train. Namely, a sea captain, a former doctor’s friend from landlords, had just spoken to him on the phone. The captain, who had to stay in the port for a few days, by chance had heard his former comrade living nearby and now hoped to meet him.

“I’m traveling in a half-hour train,” said Dr. Elisa. “And don’t wait for a couple of days!”

“Why didn’t you call her here?” asked Elisa.

“It didn’t come to your liking. You’re not suitable for him if he, you see, is what he was before.”

Elisa lifted her boy down to stand. The child ran and jumped in love. It was trying to laugh at the clock the father waved in the child’s hand.

“Oh, Alfred, I mean you won’t leave!” prayed to Elisa.

“Why not?”

“No, you should look for friends that are bad for you.”

“You talk to an inexperienced boy, and what do you think you will decide that the captain is going to impress me?”

“You didn’t want to invite him to your home.”

“I didn’t want you, because you both don’t fit together. But is it still said she is a throw?”

Alfred’s voice was impatient. Elisa had annoyed her to the threat. But the coldness of Elisa’s mind was condensed and the pain rose to dominion. He tried to make Alfred bend again.

“Alfred, don’t leave – don’t, for my sake!”

Why did Elisa scare and hurt this trip? He himself could not understand it. Could something happen to Alfred. Through the power of his whole soul, he prayed to stay home. So could he no longer affect Alfred? Didn’t Alfred love him so much that he might have sacrificed something for him?

Alfred hesitated for a moment, but then he grew up with pride and manly self-esteem. He could and wanted to love, respect, and protect Elisha, but Elisa had no right to tie him to his freedom.

“I have promised to leave and therefore I leave,” he replied firmly.

With a hopeless look, Elisa laid her eyes on the ground. Alfred became anxious.

“You put too much weight on little things, Elisa,” he said. “What evil is it that I want to meet an old friend? Listen, Elisa, what I’m saying to you: Insisting too much on you.” Having said this, he went on his journey to prepare.

After a moment Elisa came to help her and stayed in her room until the carriages arrived in front of the door. Many words they did not exchange, but all their behavior seemed to Elisa to ask for reconciliation. The doctor did not even notice it. “I’ll go to some sick people first, then to the station,” he urged. “The day after tomorrow I’m already home.” And so he went. Elisa stood in the yard watching her.

As the road departed from the forest, the doctor turned to look back at home once more. He saw Elisa standing under the birch bark of the birch, illuminated by the sun. Throughout his being, he was depicted by a grim, depressed mood that grabbed his doctor. In the blink of an eye, Elisa was still in sight of her husband, then covered her in the forest.

“Of course, I could have told him a friendly word,” the doctor thought to himself. “But I can go back on my wasting more.”

“Mom cries!”

It was Sven. He put his hand in the mother’s hand.

Only now did Elisa find that her eyes were full of tears.

“Soon it will be over,” he answered Sven, smiling. But the mother’s smile was so sad that Sven was hard to believe in his words.

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“Why are you so sad, Mom?”

Sven was always happy and wanted to see others happy.

“Father has traveled away,” said Elisa.

“But come back,” the boy comforted.

“Yes, come back,” Elisa repeated as dreaming and followed
Sven, who pulled him from the hand to the beach.
In the evening, when the children went to rest, Elisa sat alone in her room. Disgusting feelings and thoughts penetrated into his mind. He was all confused about him; but he gradually became clear and made his mind calm. He looked out. When Elisha looked at the foggy, large, bright space of the earth, his mind and clarity calm down. He was overwhelmed by the irresistible desire to put on paper what had now survived him. Following this inner voice, he began to write. The words he owned for his absent man, it was natural to him. He did it quite instinctively and did not think these lines would ever fall into Alfred’s hands.

“Beloved, you say I demand too much, and I don’t want to win. But how can I ask you less in such a case when it comes to yours. ‘I am the way, the truth and the life, no man cometh unto the Father, but by me’, then there is no concessions can be made.

“Give yourself therefore, give your life, give your soul into the hands of Jesus Christ, and I will swear to you for your salvation.

“I will not judge you; no man will judge you. But look at you in the light of the words of this redeemer and judge:” He who believes on the Son has eternal life, but he who does not believe on the Son shall not live to see, but the wrath of God abides. on his head. ‘

“And this word stays forever, even after the heavens and the earth have disappeared. Oh, let this word be judged by you now, as long as grace is still for you!

“Alfred, Alfred, give up in time for the city where Christ said:” How often did I want – – and you didn’t want to! ”

Elisa put the pen out and looked up at the starry sky at night. Approximately clear and radiant, the skies curve over the earthly human life. But why, why are human eyes so slow to look up?

An unspeakable sense of smell overwhelmed him. He felt as though reflections of the great heartbreak of the Son of Man as He was mourning for the blind mankind, who did not understand the search time.

Oh, to the whole world, he would have wanted to shout those words of the preaching that he had just written to her husband. He would have wanted to call the emergency bell of truth, and all the dormants awaken. But there are many hands on the world that carefully bind the emergency bell with the buds, so that it does not get too hard to bend and the humiliating ears of mankind will be wrinkled.

“Oh, Lord! Blow out the work of the corrupt, and save them, even by fire. Wake up your faithful witnesses;

Elisa didn’t write anymore, she prayed for the heart. Never before had he felt such great heart-expanding love for God and for all men, the love in which all his own desires and desires were drowned as pains to a great fire. Miraculously, however, it seemed to pray to God for His own cause, but blessed is man when the most powerful of his soul is melted with the will of God; Then there is already a prayer for prayer consultation and battle for victory.