True love, not in circle of friends

Jia Jia is a beautiful single mother, my neighbor.

The reason why the barracks in the chaos of friends on the Jia Jia impressed, not because of Jia Jia’s value, but because of her circle of friends, is a perfect mother of all-round presentation.

Looks thin and thin even the cap can not be twisted Jia Jia, but it seems like a hanging of the contemporary hot mom model:

Got the kitchen, got the classroom;
Make a cake and teach a job;
Took a picture
The most important thing is to carry the emotional collapse, boil over the vicissitudes of life!
Jia Jia side hard with a baby, while beautiful flowers:

Daughter blossoming every appearance, clothing and mothers like the same burst;
Weekend with blossoming to do baking, swimming together with fitness playing piano ballet;
For the blossoming pot of a variety of nutrition soup sold out, a simple breakfast but also with the colorful;
Blossoming birthday lay home warm and picturesque, blossoming like a princess smiling and smiling

Friends of the circle of good luck, glamorous dignified, gentle and virtuous, is an impeccable model mother.

Later, once the owners dinner, Jia Jia with blossoming to attend, it was the first time I saw the best of Jiajia, she was even more beautiful than friends circle.

Blossoming is not like friends circle so vibrant, looks a little afraid of life, thin and small, particularly quiet.

During the banquet for everyone to push the cup, greet each other, self-serving play the blossoming suddenly accidentally broke a goblet, Jia Jia immediately Hu mother possessed, snapped loudly blossoming.

The presence of neighbors who quickly discouraged Jia Jia, but Jia Jia is still Buyiburao, regardless of burst into tears, constantly denounced blossoming is not sensible.

Blossoming cry even more powerful, and Jia Jia even a slap in the blossoming body, pointed voice: “Do not cry, hold back.”

This really really work, blossoming “well-trained” by the cry into a choke!

Finally in our whole table people perseverance to persuade, and finally for the blossoming solution around!

I am not because this time a small event to deny the good love, but often think of blossoming little thin figure, and grievous helpless, full, are distressed.

Young people make mistakes, God will forgive. In children most likely to make mistakes in childhood, parents love and tolerance, far more than friends circle impeccable photos and smiling faces, leaving the children warm.

Bear, my husband’s ball, the family’s family in the group, the bear is a good friend of good friends.

As a rare positive teaching materials, bears are often family members of the mother who used to teach her husband: “look at other people’s father”!

Bears in the circle of friends in addition to basketball is his son, son teeth, and his son was sick, his son on the kindergarten, the son of the first painting … … son of the growth point stuffed his circle of friends, also became my Friends of the circle of the little sun baby father.

Her husband every time pick up the phone with my Tucao: “a big master who day sun Wu any body system,” I always argued that the envy of envy jealous hate, a man, so sincere and delicate expression of the child’s love, how Valuable, how rare!

Suddenly one day, the wife of the bear made a circle of friends, paved a full of basketball clothes.

We know how many weekends, festivals, children’s birthday, bears are with the ball as partners;

Every time he promised his wife’s companions, because basketball has become again and again, “the next time.”

Bear’s wife to take care of his son’s diet, while silently to maintain the bear “good father” image, and finally in the bear once again lost his son, she could not help the truth!

Overwhelming friends circle, sun baby has become a standard.

And even friends ridicule said: “What place parents love children? Friends circle”

And true love is a real experience of experience and experience, is the usual companionship and love.

For children, love is done through continuous contact with the skin.

Compared to the lyric, can work early to accompany children, put down the phone and take him high, weekend to give up the lazy with her grass has long been the aquarium, gentle to speak to him, praise her every point of progress, like friends Circle in the same, warm, accompanied, laugh, the shadow go hand in hand … … This is the child most want to love!

I deeply believe that each parent’s love for the child’s love is like a fake, but the expression of love is different, friends circle into a microcosm, everyone put the best love show, we It is difficult to see the way behind the circle of friends.

Avenue to Jane, big love to fine.

For children, what is love?

Love is to accompany, is tolerance, is to let him find himself, is to let him learn to love and be loved … …

Every child has different needs and definitions of love, but one thing is the same – any kind of love, friends circle can not give!

Love your child, never how many photos, how many video, how many friends made a circle!

Because, true love, not in the circle of friends, and in your heart.

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Want a poem and a distance, no money how to do? I have a few wondrous little advice

Perhaps many people now have this feeling:

A child to go home fifty kilometers outside the provincial capital, all feel a trip to the great trip, count the number of days and how long to start;

Grew up, but that the world is getting smaller and smaller, the trip to the country do not feel any strange.

But we can see the wealth of our hands more and more able to use these wealth is less and less time.

Working days need to work overtime; holidays need to go home to see parents; whatever the outcome of an annual leave, and want to rest and reorganize, where the energy out every day waves.

Or perhaps, looking at the north of the bass bass bass bounce rose unexpectedly the price, that the hands of the wealth is not much more, the day had to bumbling.

So always someone said, poetry and distant who do not want ah, but how to do in front of life ah.

Where the money to come, where the time ah, where the courage to throw away everything in front of ah.

But the poem and the distance is doomed and down to earth life contradiction?

Those who put the day into a poem and distant people really just fairy tales exist?

After reading this article, you will know that those who have the distance as a hometown of people, in the end is how to live.

I remember once in Poland, live in a called “cinnamon roll” of the international CYTS.

Outside looks like an ordinary residential building, did not expect to open the door, the ear came the lively hippie music, twos and threes of the young people in the rest area of ​​the sofa to drink beer talking about bragging.

In a chat, a young man named Edowell from England took me and excitedly told me that the next stop was going to travel to Southeast Asia for a month.

“Do you have to work? How do you have such a long vacation?” I intend to figure out the realities of these earthly worlds and go to admire his great plans for his poems and distant places.

“How long do you want to play?”

“What are you doing before?”

“I am a chef, do dinner .In the past few years I have been dry for half a year, playing half a year.Working time to save money, go out when the rampant waves, there is no time limit, free to arrange.

Speaking of the chef, I suddenly understand the second.

And the “New Oriental” “Blue Xiang” these “technical school” noun closely connected to the “chef” is different from the chef in this career abroad is extremely respected high-paying industry.

In Europe, by the influence of French meal, we pay attention to the quality of life, can make a fine hand cooking chefs are naturally respected.

Those who work in the Michelin star restaurant chef, get the remuneration naturally no better than doctors, lawyers.

Finished, he looked at my face envy jealousy hate expression, specifically to earnestly added the sentence: the little girl, want to go out waves, have a life is very important skills ah.

It is true that, both at home and abroad, to settle down the skills, are everyone to achieve poetry and distant truth.

Edowell by virtue of their own ability to do the fine meal, make the streets of London large and small restaurant for thirsty not he can not, but also let him have the resignation of the courage to resign.

After all, with his skills, come back to where to work where to work.

As for those girls who have been on the road all day long, there is such a living example around me.

Before I went to Turkey, I contacted Elena, a schoolman who was a year earlier than me.

For the love of Turkey, as well as the common curiosity of the larger world, let us have some feeling of mutual hate each other late.

Although the real life has not met, but the two of us in the WeChat every time to talk for several hours to stop down.

Fluent English, overseas study background, after graduation, I think she is not at work.

I have seen her in the circle of friends in Lhasa, meditation in India, diving in Vietnam, feeding pigeons in Nepal.

Her behavior did not make me too surprised, after all, Southeast Asia travel costs are relatively low, with her free ride to sleep on the sofa high-end poor travel skills, play no problem a year.

But she wants to play to Shashi Hou, the money is enough?

Until recently I saw her boarded the flight to Africa, the heart of millions of mud horse horse and Pentium, to her WeChat to throw a big question mark:

Girl, what are you doing The

One to two to go, I learned that, all along, she did not travel outside the poor, but as a freelancer to the outside of the Chinese foreign trade companies to do the translation.

Sometimes very hard work, encountered a tight schedule, even for several weeks without a break.

Fortunately, when not working, personal time is quite abundant, can be free to dominate. In this way, business travel plus personal travel, she will leave their footprints in every country of Southeast Asia land.

And now boarded the flight to Africa, because she and a company signed a new translation work. About to use their own three years of blood youth, in that piece of fascinating land on the busy rush, explore the unknown. It sounds so cheerful for her.

Remember that graduation that would ask me what your dream is.

She told me, want to see the world in the young time.

No rich generation of father and mother, no rich second generation boyfriend, not even a stable job, but she by their own real ability to do.

Knowledge and skills, sounds so old-fashioned words, but she is by their realization of the year set a good vision, and the days of life is not enough acid.

Many people complain that if I am rich, then I can have poetry and distance.

If I had money, I could travel around the world.

In fact, people who say such a thing, often money would rather buy a package to buy a house, still do not go to the real distance.

Because the poem and the distance are not really money.

The four words may seem very romantic, the little girls are yearning. And the four words are actually practicing fought, is the dark skin of the sun, is with salty sea water, is fluent talking about several foreign languages, is driving alone late at night but know that dawn Arrive at a village.

There are real and real, so that you rely on the survival of the child.

Very often, we see other people’s poems and distant cozy life, but forget others in the back to make efforts.

Edowell is young at work in the restaurant, stealing art skills; school girl Elena study hard to learn English, the stars go to the library back to the word, these are they now want to live, not with people to mention the story.

Do you want to wander the horizon? No money?

There are also many ways.

You can practice hard skills, become a photographer;

You can also read the book to practice writing, open the public to the outside world to write to everyone;

Perhaps like the school sister, like practicing English, to the world when the translation.

These are the ways in which we incorporate those poems and distant places into our daily lives.

But you have to ask yourself: have not had their own efforts to study what, what happened, there is no one can let themselves go where the hungry skills?

In the final analysis, or old-fashioned chicken soup:

“One day, those who escaped the class, did not lose the fat, did not learn English, will be in the future to shoot in his face on the loud slap.

And if,

You really have diligently cultivated a land, one day your sweat will become a lot of fruit, you become the world’s most sharp weapons.

Then the poem and the distance is no longer a distant mirage, because you already have the freedom to go and go.

In fact, we find all the way to find, want to have, nothing more than freedom.

Financial freedom, spiritual freedom, physical freedom, freedom of the soul.

Is not it?

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The recovery of the global economy may be only temporary

“The more intense the sun, the more the shadow is deep.” On April 18, 2017, the IMF published the latest World Economic Outlook report, titled “Gaining Momentum”. Based on the strong recovery from the global economy in the past six months, the IMF is expected to raise its global economic growth rate by 0.1 percentage point to 3.5 percent over the previous six months. However, in the face of cyclical constraints, the IMF remains at a high level Prudent, did not forget in the “kinetic energy enhancement” marked with a question mark.

In fact, the IMF’s overall judgment of the global economy and our previous “cycle superposition” paradigm is exactly the same, IMF believes that the global economy is in the “short cycle rally + long cycle down” complex state, the cycle of restless core driving force is pre-expansion The central effect of the policy is obvious, and with the decay of the policy effect and the long-term constraints, the global economy still faces a huge downside risk. Recovery in the sun at the same time, also left a shadow, the total demand of the new cycle has not yet come, after restlessness, the global economy will inevitably encounter an empty adjustment time.

Short-term growth cycle agitation. There is no doubt that the global economy is experiencing the most exciting and confusing period of time after ten years of crisis. Based on our observations of the World Economic Outlook over the past decade, the IMF has an overly optimistic endogenous bias that the IMF is expected to cut expectations most of the time it is expected to update in nearly 40 of the decade.

However, in April the IMF uncharacteristically raised its forecast for global economic growth by 20 percentage points in 2017, indicating that the global economy was stronger than the “optimists” in the past six months, especially in the first quarter of 2017 The Abnormal strong short-term growth performance, mainly from the commodity market to warm up to the resource industry to bring the growth boost, pre-demand side easing policy lag effect focused on the Sino-US economic “dual nuclear stability” role than expected to play.

Looking at the short-term growth perspective, we believe that although 3.5% of growth is expected to have reached the trend level of 1980-2016, this agitation lacks credible endurance because, first, as the world’s largest and most stable contributor Of the two economies, the United States 2.3% and China 6.6% of the economic growth in 2017 is expected to remain weaker than the 2.6% and 9.7% trend level;

Second, the last six months, the most unexpected economies are the UK, Japan, Spain, China and Russia, its economic growth forecast in 2017 were raised 0.9,0.6,0.4,0.4 and 0.3 percentage points, respectively, compared with China In addition, the performance of several other major economies is expected to bring some “oversold bounce” nature, of which Russia and Japan are still facing the risk of growth stagnation; third, whether it is a commodity market, or loose policy, Are experiencing new changes in marginal tightening, which will weaken the global economy short cycle rally.

Long-term recovery is risky. From a long-term perspective to further examine the global economic cycle of restless future is more optimistic. IMF focused on the six downside risks: First, protectionism led to trade growth and cross-border investment at the same time slowed down, and second, the United States to accelerate the rate hike caused by tightening the financial situation, the third is the financial regulation of excessive risk of excessive increase, The risk of market balance sheet highlights the fifth, the developed countries, excess capacity led to the decline in production efficiency, six geopolitical turbulence and other non-economic factors to bring the risk of black swans.

We believe that, in addition to the IMF’s realistic constraints, the fundamental reason for the weak recovery in the global economy is the slowdown in total factor productivity: first, the financial innovation has been restrained to a certain extent since the crisis decade, and the optimal allocation of resources has been restricted. Second, since the crisis, the global demand side stimulus policy frequently introduced, the supply side of the structural policy is relatively scarce, the policy stimulus but inhibit the natural recovery of production efficiency;

Third, although the technology in accelerating the evolution, but the technology on the application and penetration of the real economy is still a bottleneck; Fourth, the downstream risks before each other to strengthen each other to form a negative cycle, increased the possibility of systemic risk; Protectionism, islanding, populism prevailing, economic risk to geopolitical risks deep conversion, productivity boost by multi-level suppression.

Protectionism. In many downside risks, IMF most worried about is the trade protectionism. In the previous study, we emphasized that economic fundamentals determine the trade game atmosphere, the fundamental reason for the intensification of global trade frictions is the endogenous antagonism of the global economic cycle dislocation, and that Trump’s highly provocative policy words and deeds Exacerbated this endogenous trend.

The IMF highlighted the danger of protectionism in the latest Global Economic Outlook and demonstrated its objective inevitability from another academic point of view. IMF research shows that global inequality is closely related to globalization. Technological progress and globalization have both brought about the long-term prosperity of the global economy and quietly led to a decline in the share of labor income in national income, that is, as Thomas Piketty, in the 21st century “Pointed out that relative to labor, capital gains more income from economic growth, which led to global, especially in developed countries, income inequality continues to intensify.

And the deterioration of polarization has led to the rise of populism, anti-globalization tendency to rise, which is the protection of the prevailing internal factors. In terms of economic theory and practical practice, succumbing to protectionist pressure is clearly not conducive to long-term recovery, therefore, the IMF called for the development of active labor market policies, improve tax progress, reform the housing and credit markets, the implementation of structural policies And so on, to cope with the extreme pressure of protectionism caused by inequality.

We believe that, despite the obvious policy rationality of the IMF’s proposal, protectionism is difficult to suppress in reality in a complex game environment, which will further suppress the long-term prospects of the global economic recovery. In fact, the IMF also kept a clear understanding, the April report, IMF 2017 trade growth is expected to remain low at 3.8%, and 2018 trade growth is expected to cut 0.2 percentage points to 3.9%, global trade growth remains Significantly weaker than the trend level, globalization, low tide is entering a climax.

Economic and financial complex linkage. April 2017 IMF’s World Economic Outlook report further identified our main judgment on the global economy: First, the short cycle of the rebound does not mean that the long cycle up, the total demand cycle is still brewing, did not form, “false inflation “Yesterday to reproduce; second, China’s economic growth continued to be expected to increase, strong performance triggered a comprehensive expected reset;

Thirdly, the global economic protectionism is difficult to easily reverse the endogenous causes, trade frictions intensified in 2017 is inevitable; the third is that the global trade protectionism is difficult to easily reverse the endogenous causes,

Fifth, China and the United States has always been the global economic recovery of the dual-core, China and the United States but weaker than the trend of the trend of the growth rate of the global economy determines the tone of the weak recovery; Sixth, the global economy is in a cyclical macro chaos, Deterministic clustering is the greatest certainty.

We believe that changes in the fundamentals of the economy will eventually be mapped to the financial market, based on the cycle of restless market frenzy is difficult to sustain, protectionism and the geopolitical risk caused by a certain degree of suppression of risk appetite in a comprehensive return, and macro chaos (Such as the long-term strength of US and US infrastructure and the Hong Kong stock market) will show a long-term comparative advantage in market volatility.

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World history of the top ten “most unexpected invention”

As the saying goes, “need to be the mother of invention”, but many inventors may not be admitted that “luck” is sometimes the mother of invention. Many people think that in the history of science, many great inventions are the results of the study of scientists’ sleepless nights. However, in fact, many of the most famous and most popular inventions in human history are actually “luck”.

1. telephone

Although the Italian Italian Antonio Muchi is the real inventor of the phone, but people tend to today’s convenient telephone communication network, and even the invention of the phone itself, thanks to Alexander Bell.

In the mid-nineteenth century, telegraphy of information flow speed greatly accelerated, but also let some people began to think about whether the direct transmission of sound cable, which included Bell. At that time, he was experimenting with a machine that could send multiple telegrams on the same line. In a test, a flexible metal on the transmitter was placed on the next electromagnet. When Bell’s assistant Watson untied the metal, Bell found that the same position on the receiver metal also occurred in the shock.

The accident opened the idea of ​​Bell. He realizes that if the person speaks to a piece of iron, the sound will cause the iron to vibrate; if an electromagnet is placed behind the iron, the vibration of the iron is bound to produce a large current in the solenoid coil. The ripple current can be transmitted by the wire to a distance, and then by a similar device to restore to vibration, or sound. Following this idea, Bell made the prototype of the phone.

When Bell tested the new device, he accidentally came to his lab: he accidentally spilled some sulfuric acid on his lap, and he could not help but cry for help. So, this call to save the human through the telephone transmission of the first sentence. Since then, Edison and other inventors on the phone for the transmission accuracy and other aspects of improvement, but the phone works still follow the idea of ​​Bell. For modern city life, the phone is an indispensable tool.

2. microwave oven: chocolate bar accidentally melted after the invention

Microwave oven to bring a lot of convenience to cooking, but little known is that the microwave oven by the United States senior engineer Percy Spencer “unintentional willow shade” accidental invention out. Spencer is a genius in electronics and has worked for Raytheon, a defense contractor for US-made radar equipment. In 1946, when Spencer worked at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Radiation Laboratory, he tried to invent a more powerful microwave-emitting magnetron, a vacuum tube for radar equipment.

One day, when he stood in front of a test model, he found himself hissing in his pocket, and he immediately stopped experimenting to check the pocket and found that a chocolate bar in his pocket had melted. Spencer immediately realized that the microwave radiation of the magnetron could have roasted the chocolate, and he placed a pack of corn kernels on the test model, and the corn was soon baked into a popcorn, The Spencer realized that the technology could be used in cooking, the world’s first microwave oven was born. Now, the microwave oven has entered the kitchen of thousands of households, has become an urgent child and a single family of essential kitchen utensils!

3.X light: the screen accidentally see their palm skeleton stunned physicist

One day in 1895, the German physicist William Roentgen in the University of Würzburg, Germany, the laboratory to study the characteristics of the cathode ray tube, suddenly noticed a beam of light projected to the other end of the house, “barium cyanide “Fluorescent cardboard on the screen, and then he found the cardboard screen appeared on a skeleton with the palm of the hand, his initial surprise suddenly became shocked.

Roentgen soon realized that some mysterious radiant light had not only passed through the air and had passed through his flesh and blood, so that his palm bones were projected on the dim light of the cardboard screen. The particles of this light are clearly able to pass through solid objects, and Roenton then finds that he can use this radiant light to produce a clear image of the body. In this way, the world’s first X-ray was born. X is called X, because X is the name of unknown things. Not long before the scientific laboratories around the world began to copy the X-ray machine, 20 years later, X-ray began a lot for medical purposes. Because X-ray is a phenomenon of nature, so accurately, Roentgen is accidentally discovered X-ray, rather than invented the X-ray.

4. Cardiac pacemaker: a “careless mistake” caused by the great invention

We often make such mistakes, from the toolbox inadvertently took out the wrong tool. However, the United States of America Buffalo University assistant professor Wilson Gretb Bach in the last century 50’s a simple mistake, but let him accidentally invented the implantable pacemaker, to save the lives of countless heart disease The At that time, Grett Bach was testing a prototype of the machine that recorded the heartbeat, he should have a 1 million megohm resistor used in the recorder, but he finally took out from the box installed on the recorder was actually a 1 trillion As a result, the recorder circuit generated a signal for a continuous 1.8 millisecond, and then interrupted for 1 second, and then repeated a signal of 1.8 milliseconds, so the cycle, the rhythm as the body’s heartbeat.

Gretelbach immediately realized that the current was able to adjust the heartbeat and treat heart disease. In 1960, the world’s first successful implantable pacemaker was installed on a 77-year-old man Serious heart disease after he installed the device, and lucky to live more than 18 months. In 1985, Gretbach’s “accidental invention” was selected by the National Institute of Professional Engineers as one of the 10 greatest engineering inventions of the past century and a half.
The following are the same as the ”

5. Sugar essence from “do not wash your hands before meals”

A lot of cheap sweet snacks, will use the saccharin to simulate the sweetness, although this sweet than the sweetness of 500 times the material, in fact, from the black and smelly coal tar extracted from.

The invention of saccharin, from a Russian “do not wash your hands before” experience. One day in 1879, the United States Johns Hopkins University Russian chemist Constantine Fale de Bieger is busy with a chemical experiment, but suddenly remembered his wife at home for dinner, they rush back. On this day, he found that the steak and salad he had eaten had a strange sweetness. After confirming that his wife had not put sugar, he suddenly realized that the sweetness was likely to come from a piece he had brought from the lab Pencil: pencil stained with laboratory reagents, and then through his hand holding the pen, stained with cutlery and food!

Think of this, Felicity Beagle hurriedly finished dinner, back to the laboratory to continue to study. He carefully examined all the reagents of the day, and finally found that sweetness comes from a chemical called o-sulfonyl acetamide sodium, which is today known as “saccharin.” Felicity Borg immediately announced his invention and patented in the United States.

6. SMS: telecom operators did not expect to start using it to make money

Today, cell phone text messages have become a necessary tool for people to exchange information with each other, but little is known that mobile phone text messages were originally invented by European telecom engineers in the test system to facilitate communication, and telecom operators did not realize at the outset To its great significance! In 1987, due to the more compact and portable digital phone is being invented, the European telecommunications industry hopes to work together to develop a new mobile phone technology standards, which can be applied throughout Europe, so that we can better strengthen the harmony of European countries Cooperation. European telecommunications engineers in the test system, in order to facilitate the exchange and joint management of mobile networks, for their own invented a short message through the mobile phone communication system.

Europe’s telecom operators at the beginning did not realize the importance of “mobile short message service”, that in the eyes of consumers the most important feature of the phone is to call it until the mobile phone users have found the “mobile short message service” function, And frantically fell in love with it, the European telecom operators are so awake, realize that this invention will become a never dry rolling financial resources – since then, almost every mobile phone users have sent Mobile phone text messages.

7. Super glue: “failed invention” is also a good invention

During the Second World War, Dr. Kerry Koufu, a chemist at the Eastman Kodak Labs in the United States, led a team of scientists to try to reconcile a transparent plastic for the manufacture of military aircraft guns, and the experiment failed quite , They are deployed to develop something sticky too strong, it no matter what things will be stuck stick, simply can not achieve their initial experimental purposes. Dr. Kouff thought that the invention was a painful failure, and that sense of failure was as if we were accidentally gluing the glue on his fingers, and Dr. Kufu soon took the glue Left behind.

In fact, Dr. Coffer invented an adhesive called “cyanoacrylate” until six years later, when he was responsible for a new design of the cockpit cover, he thought of cyanoacrylate Adhesive This “old friend”, which was initially useless, says that the material has an incredible stickiness without heating, and he and the laboratory researcher test the properties of the glue on different objects. Found that this is a kind of sticky frantic super glue.

8. Non-stick pan: double accidental invention

We are now able to use non-stick pan to omelette, you have to thank the American chemist Roy Prycroft and the French engineer Mark Grigguo’s wife Corleit, because of the 16 years Invented a non-stick material “Teflon”, and 16 years later, Colette and whimsical proposed “Teflon” painted on the frying pan, which invented so many housewives clapped applause “non-stick pot”!

First, in 1938, the United States, New Jersey Jackson laboratory chemist Planckt hope to use CFC gas to DuPont for the development of a new type of refrigerant, he will be filled with tetrafluoroethylene gas tank In dry ice, to prevent them from being exploded. But when Plankt later wanted to use the gas, he found that the gas in the tank was bizarre, and the gas tank was still as heavy as the gas, and out of curiosity, Opened the gas tank, the results found in the tank out of some white waxy small pieces. These mysterious chemical substances make him two monks touch the brain, Planckt immediately through experiments to study their characteristics, the experiment proved that this new material is a strange lubricant, and the melting point is quite high, it is not afraid of heat, Not afraid of water, not afraid of acid, non-stick material “Teflon” was so accidental birth. Teflon was originally used in the manufacture of military equipment, until 1954, the French engineer Gregory’s wife Kelai Te whim, that her husband used to coat the fishing line to prevent knotting non-stick material “Teflon” If you can paint on the frying pan, the effect must be very good! Her husband Griggua heard his wife’s advice to immediately start their brains, sleepless nights to develop how the “Teflon” and aluminum together, the world’s first “non-stick pan” which came into being. “Teflon” and non-stick pan, can be said to be the product of the accident!

9. Goodyear: “mistakenly hit”

Mention car tires, many people first appeared in the mind of the manufacturers, often not Michelin is Goodyear. This is a manufacturer’s name, it is from the inventor of vulcanized rubber, life unsuccessful American inventor Charles Goodyear.

With the invention to be able to pick up the Edison, Karl Bentz and Nobel and others, compared to the 19th century Europe and the United States, there are a number of abjection and even impoverished inventor, Goodyear is one of them. In 1826, Goodyear and his father built the first metallurgical stove in Philadelphia, but only four years later, the firm was bankrupt because of a capital strand break, and Goodyear was put into prison because of debt Was the second half of the debt recovery.

After being released from prison, Goodyear turned to the study of rubber. Although the rubber has long been made by the American Indians ball toys, and with Columbus adventure for Europe to know, but until the 19th century, 30 years, rubber is still not a practical material, because it is too sensitive to temperature, Slightly higher temperatures will become soft and stinky, in the low temperature conditions will become brittle and hardened.

Goodyear is determined to solve this problem. He used a variety of materials to test with natural rubber. In January 1839, his experiment finally had a major breakthrough – he accidentally put the rubber, lead oxide and sulfur together to heat, and get a similar leather-like material. This is the first vulcanized rubber.

However, the society at that time did not realize the value of vulcanized rubber, Goodyear’s survival status has not improved. He was repeatedly imprisoned for debt problems; even in the first World Expo in 1851 by virtue of vulcanized rubber to obtain a number of awards, he is still a regular guest class.

In 1860, Goodyear died in poverty and illness. More than 30 years later, Frank Xibelin brothers to “Goodyear” to name their own business, to commemorate the inventor indomitable struggle process. With the dawn of the car era, Goodyear’s invention of the year finally shows its value.

10. Xanthium and “nylon gluing”

In China, Velcro Velcro is usually called “nylon gluing”. This kind of two pieces of plastic products consisting of clothing bundle tool, with the equivalent of buttons, buttons, latches, zippers or tape function.

“Nylon gluing” inspired by the Swiss engineer George De Mistra walk the dog when the inconvenience encountered. Whenever he took a dog through a growth of Xanthium green, the dog who often stained with Xanthium fruit. After careful observation, Mistra found that the fruit of the Xanthium has a very small “hook”, and with the dog twisted together, and thus difficult to pick off from the dog body. He was the two nature of the structure of the imitation of the design, “nylon gluing” was born.

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Bezos expedition retrieves Apollo rocket engines from ocean floor

A heat exchanger from an Apollo F-1 engine is seen in this handout photo from Bezos ExpeditionsBy Irene Klotz CAPE CANAVERAL, Florida (Reuters) – A recovery team funded by Amazon founder Jeff Bezos has plucked two rocket engines from the floor of the Atlantic Ocean that were used to send astronauts to the moon more than 40 years ago, he wrote on the project's website on Wednesday. Bezos, the chief executive of Amazon, last year announced plans to search the sea floor for rocket motors shed during Saturn 5 launches to the moon during the 1969-1972 Apollo program. Bezos Expeditions found and retrieved two Saturn 5 first-stage engines from three miles beneath the Atlantic Ocean. …

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NASA steps up security after arrest of former contractor

By Irene Klotz CAPE CANAVERAL, Florida (Reuters) – NASA has shut down access to an online database and banned new requests from Chinese and some other foreign nationals seeking access to its facilities amid mounting concerns about espionage and export control violations, the U.S. space agency’s administrator said on Wednesday. The security measures include a complete ban on remote computer access by Chinese and some other non-U.S. contractors already working at NASA centers, agency chief Charles Bolden said at a congressional oversight hearing in Washington. …

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